Exalted RPG is coming to Storytellers Vault

White Wolf has announced an expansion in available tabletops at Storytellers Vault.

Storytellers Vault is an online shop for pen & paper RPGs published by White Wolf. Though it features a lot of community-made content as well. As such, it’s a great depository of fan-made art, supplements and other useful materials. Many of which are free to use for everyone. Though, for now, World of Darkness rules supreme there, soon that will change. Exalted tabletop is coming to take its place.

Exalted is a story-driven tabletop RPG published by White Wolf. It has a high-fantasy setting featuring a blend of different myths and Japanese anime. Given that, it is a surprise that Storytellers Vault hadn’t materials on that before. Nonetheless, White Wolf decided to rectify that situation. After all, there needs to be some high fantasy among all of that grit.

All in all, Exalted is a very welcome addition to Storytellers Vault and I personally can’t wait to have it there. Stay tuned for more tabletop news!

New Tabletop Tokens will make creating of your DnD maps that much easier

Tabletop Tokens by Geek Tank are moving in to help DMs with their encounter building.

DM’s little helpers

As any DM will tell you, to create maps and environment for encounters, battles and important locations is one of the most tedious and hard parts of preparing your adventure. Especially if you are creating details that would be important for the story without being overt about it. Adding to that small environmental pieces for better immersion, and that task can take hours, if not days.

Of course, in modern days there are digital maps and programs that greatly help with world building. Rendered presets, stock models and digital art – all is within your grasp. But sometimes you just want to have a good old pen & paper session, with drawn maps, handmade environments and marshmallows as monsters. Understanding that need, Geek Tank have created Tabletop Tokens, which are basically pre-made models of various things. Those models are made out of spill-proofed plastic and are optimized for a 1×1 grid paper.

A new challenger appears

All of that became possible after Geek Tank have led a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance their line of new tabletop miniatures.  Nowadays, Tabletop Tokens are available for sale on Geek Tank website.

So far, Geek Tank have 3 sets on sale: Camping set with all the objects that you’ll need for modeling a camp, Castle Furniture set that contains tables, barrels, carpets among the other indoor furniture and Castle Siege set filled with models of cannons, ballistae and siege ladders. All in all, those packs seem like a good alternative to the other miniatures used for same purpose.

As a person interested in DMing himself, I can only welcome more available miniatures to choose from, especially if they are going to make my life easier and my player’s experience more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more tabletop news on Silver Soul!