You Can Play Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch At Nintendo NY During E3 Week!

The Nintendo NYC Facebook page is hosting a fan event that’ll cover Nintendo’s E3 2018 activities. Nintendo NYC promises to give fans a chance to try Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch and Mario Tennis Aces. The event will take place during June 11th through the 15th.


The Facebook account titles the event “E3 Experience at Nintendo NY” and shares a few details about what fans can expect if they attend the event. Here’s what Nintendo NYC had to say on the matter,

Join us for an exciting week of the E3 activities at Nintendo NY! See the list below for the time and dates for each event. See you there!

June 11
– 6:30PM – 9PM – Splatoon 2 World Championship Opening Round Live Video Stream

June 12
– 12PM: Nintendo Direct: E3 2018
– Immediately following Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 – Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2018 Video Stream
– 4PM: Splatoon 2 World Championship Finals Video Stream
– 5PM: Play Super Smash Bros. and Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch
– 6PM: Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 Video Stream
– **Fans can begin lining up at 9AM to attend.**

June 13
– 9AM: Play Super Smash Bros. and Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch
– Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2018 Video Stream
– **Fans can begin lining up at 7AM to attend.**

June 14
– 9AM: Play Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch and Mario Tennis Aces
– Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2018 Video Stream
– **Fans can begin lining up at 7AM to attend.**

June 15
– 9AM: Play Super Smash Bros. and Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch
– **Fans can begin lining up at 7AM to attend.**


With all the hype surrounding E3 this year I can already imagine how long the lines will be just to play one match of Super Smash Bros at Nintendo NYC. At least there’s an option to play Nintendo’s other semi-competitive title Mario Tennis Aces. It’s awesome to see that E3 isn’t the only way for people to get their hands on these games.

Nintendo NYC is located at “10 Rockefeller Plz, New York, New York 10020”–according to the Nintendo NYC Facebook account. If you’re in the area and are dying to play either game–get your butt down to that store and play them.

For those who are less fortunate, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed a demo release for either title yet, but if they do, we’ll be sure to update you when something comes up.

What do you think about this news? Will you be playing Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch next week? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more Nintendo news, and everything gaming too.

5 Lost Stages That Need To Return In Super Smash Bros. Switch!

We all have our favorite veteran and newcomer characters we’d like to see appear in Super Smash Bros, but only a few have discussed what stages should return in the new Nintendo Switch title. This list will not be in any particular order and I will only select stages based on franchises. For example, I won’t pick two stages that represent the Pokemon franchise. Nevertheless, here are five lost stages from the Super Smash Bros series that NEED to return in the Nintendo Switch game.

5. Saffron City (Super Smash Bros. 64)


It’s long overdo at this point. Many of the original Super Smash Bros 64 stages have received the return treatment. Yet this stage still remains in 64’s dungeon. With the alleged Pokemon Yellow remake rumors surfacing online it would be fitting for Masahiro Sakurai and his team to place this beloved stage back in Super Smash Bros. If the rumor turns out to be true. 

Although Sakurai hasn’t revamped any of the old, current returning stages; it would be cool to see new Pokemon appear from the stage’s door. They could add a generational spin to it by having Pokemon from generations one to seven appear from the door to attack opponents or yourself. A mild stage hazard that’s not too annoying would be great, honestly. I was gunning for this stage to return during the Smash Wii U DLC run but alas, it did not happen. Maybe this is the time for Saffron City to make a comeback, eh?

4. Brinstar Depths (Super Smash Bros. Melee)


I feel the Brinstar Depths stage was fun during the Melee days. Having a gigantic creature spin the stage around was crazy. It felt like a precursor to Brawl’s Spear Pillar stage to me but I’d choose this stage over Palkia and Dialga’s interference any day. If it does return, I would love for Sakurai’s team to add more interesting background elements besides our big fella here.

Maybe have the beast duke it out with another creature from the series or play with the lava effects in the background. Ridley would make an excellent opponent, that’s if, he doens’t end up becoming a playable character. It would heighten the battle’s intensity and give players ideas to pull heinous actions on others. All the gimmicks should remain, but I would love to see some more “flare” with this stage if it returns in Super Smash Bros. Switch.

3. Great Bay (Super Smash Bros. Melee)


I still remember unlocking Young Link and listening to the amazing theme that went along with his character. If Tingle’s not going to be a playable Zelda character, than please, add this stage back in the game. It may look small, but it felt great knocking people into that little corner. Jumping off a turtle’s shell felt great too. Not to mention the amazing background segments that occur in this stage–which were great too. Since The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask released on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems not too long ago; I thought this stage would’ve been in. The current Zelda stages we have are fine, but I’d love to fight these antagonists and our current Smash heroes atop a turtle again, Sakurai. #FreeMrTurtle

2. Eagleland Fourside (Super Smash Bros. Melee)


Quite frankly, my favorite Super Smash Bros. stage so far. Unless we get a New Donk City stage from Super Mario Odyssey. This stage gave me a great experience and I wish this would’ve replaced Onett for Brawl and Smash 4. The UFO that appears out of nowhere gave me an alien-like vibe. The music was peaceful but it made my “melees” feel mystical and grand. I obviously want this stage to return because it’s a literal city. I wasn’t the biggest fan of New Pork City from Brawl because it was too large for my taste. Fourside fit my stage ratio tastes wonderfully and provided that dream city-stage experience I never thought I’d want. If Sakurai chooses to add Magicant in Super Smash Bros. Switch than I’m all for it. But, it would be cool to see an HD version of Fourside.

1. Fountain of Dreams (Super Smash Bros. Melee)


Super Smash Bros. Melee did have a Final Destination stage for players. But for me, this is the stage where I’d truly “Settle it in Smash.” The music, design, and tension I get when playing on this stage just screams, “It’s about to go down!” I’m not aware of the current events in the competitive Smash community, but I’d always hear people clamoring for this stage’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. again after Melee released and Brawl was on the horizon. I’m utterly shocked that Sakurai hasn’t re-added this stage in Super Smash Bros. yet. Maybe with Super Smash Bros. Switch, Sakurai will “switch” things up with the Kirby stages.

Well those are five stages I’d like to see in Super Smash Bros. Switch. Certainly, there are other stages I’d love for this game to have, but these five speak to me. We’ll have to wait by the title’s release to see what stays abandoned and what stage gains the keys to Smash Bros.

What do you think about my list? What stage would you like to see re-appear in the Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more articles on Super Smash Bros, and everything gaming too.

Nintendo News Round-Up: E3 2018 Plans & Nintendo Switch Online Information Incoming?

With the financial briefing all wrapped up in a bow; it was only a matter of time until Nintendo released their final smash. By final smash, I mean their E3 2018 plans!

Nintendo News

According to Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, their E3 starts on June 11th with the “Splatoon 2 World Championship” tournament that will air from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT. or 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET for those of you in the eastern time zone. The tournament finals will occur on June 12th. After the “Splatoon 2 World Championship” tournament finals conclude, the “Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018” tournament will occur.

Then Nintendo will host a video presentation said to “look at Nintendo Switch titles for 2018,” with a clear focus on Super Smash Bros. This starts at 9:00 a.m. P.T. or 12:00 p.m. ET. My best guess is that it will share a similar format to their Nintendo Spotlight event from last year, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Next up on Nintendo’s list is the “Nintendo Treehouse Live” segment where they plan to showcase “Three days” worth of Nintendo Switch game-play featuring developers and members from the Treehouse. It seems Super Smash Bros will kick-off the Treehouse Live segment right when the video presentation ends. That’s both exciting and mysterious. We’re probably going to get a character reveal.


It seems we’ll also be getting news about the Nintendo Switch Online Service in early May–according to Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochisuki.

I’ll say this once, and I’ll say it many times over. It’s great to be an Nintendo Switch owner right now. With their E3 2018 plans officially announced, and their Nintendo Switch Online Service on the horizon, Nintendo seems like their gunning toward victory with this year’s E3. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in June!

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for Nintendo’s E3 plans this year? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more news on Nintendo, and everything gaming too!

5 Characters I Want In Super Smash Bros. Switch!

Since the March 8th, 2018 Nintendo Direct’s shocking teaser footage for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch, many memes, analysis, and discussions have emerged. These centered around the Inklings inclusion in the game and the silhouette squad in front of the flaming smash logo. Today, I want to revert your attention to five characters that I’d love see as playable fighters for this iteration of Super Smash Bros.

5. Professor Hershel Layton From Professor Layton


The nicely-polished professor with a large hat that loves to solve puzzles may sound odd for Super Smash Bros, but that shouldn’t stop this professor from laying a smack-down.

Phoenix Wright’s appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 proves how professors and lawyers can fight in any scenario. Professor Layton’s arsenal could stem from his slot-machine gun, fencing sword, Laytonmobile, Layton-coptor, and camera. He could shoot coins out of his gun or slash an opponent with his sword. He can use the Laytonmobile like Wario’s bike and ram into opponents. His Final Smash can have the professor doing what he does best–solving them puzzles. I’m not sure how it’d work, but I’m certain Masahiro Sakurai can use that creative brain of his to make him work in the game. Maybe have the screen form into several squares or have a character trapped in a puzzle of some kind.

If Professor Layton made it into Smash Bros Switch; I’m certain he’ll be a unique character.

4. Banjo & Kazooie from Banjo & Kazooie


Many people wanted this dynamic duo to be the winner of the 2015 Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. With Phil Spencer’s willingness to allow the bear and bird duo in Smash Bros, I’m surprised Nintendo hasn’t taken the opportunity to bring them in.

Banjo & Kazooie would fall in line with Sakurai’s ‘classic game character’ representation. Just because “Duck Hunt” fits the Banjo formula, doesn’t mean these two can’t play differently. Banjo & Kazooie could roll on enemies with their dash-attack. Banjo could use his back-pack for tilts and smash attacks. The bear could even use Kazooie for smash and special attacks. Recovery options would lie on Kazooie’s end. His Final Smash could be Daddy T-Rex or Dragon Kazooie. Either would do for me.

I hope Masahiro Sakurai considers Banjo & Kazooie for the next Smash Bros game. We’ll see what happens come E3 because I have a Megaman-feeling something big is going to happen with a certain third-party character.

3. Crash Bandicoot from Crash Bandicoot


Crash never appeared in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and I believe it’s time for this Bandicoot to fight that plumber-boy he’s distasteful of. Since Crash Bandicoot has appeared on multiple Nintendo titles in the past and has a game coming for the Switch in July, I think it’s his time to shine on the battlefield.

Crash’s move-set could include his spinning attacks and wumpa fruit. His Final Smash could include the golden Aku Aku mask on his face. Crash could rampage through characters like Sonic’s Final Smash. I’d also expect several game elements from his previous titles to appear in this game. Maybe regular masks and TNT crates could be used as weapons like the boxes and party balls in Smash Bros now.

I’ll have my fingers crossed when it comes to future Smash Bros. Switch trailers. I’m confident a certain ‘person’ would get a kick out of it too.

2. Paper Mario From Paper Mario


If there’s one Mario I’d love to see appear in Super Smash Bros it’d have to be Paper Mario. He wouldn’t be a clone like Dr. Mario and I’m certain Sakurai can pull from a number of his games to make a stellar move-set.

Paper Mario’s move-set can stem from his partners in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. From Goombario to Ms. Mowz, there’s many recovery, smash, and special attack options Sakurai can pull from. Not to mention Paper Mario’s weapons and items he uses in these games. He can even add the color element to the hammer if he wanted to add a Paper Mario: Color Splash swirl to his character. For his Final Smash, I can see the paper warrior using one of his Star Power moves from Paper Mario I or II. If Sakurai wanted to make a call-back to Sticker Star and Color Splash–maybe one of the “All Thing” stickers or cards would work.

Rambling aside, this character can bring a lot to Super Smash Bros. Besides, I believe Mr. Game & Watch could use a companion who’s paper-like, right?

1. Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

GenoSince his debut in Super Mario RPG—fans have wanted this character in Super Smash Bros. Including me. I was let-down when Geno received the Mii costume treatment. Ashley was another character that I was upset about getting a mii costume with. But the Inkling trailer gives me hope that he will make it in the game.

Geno would make an excellent ranged fighter and sword-wielder in the new Smash Bros title. The Geno Beam (or even Geno Flash) would make a great charge attack. Think Samus’s standard special attack. The Geno Whirl could mimic Samus’ missile special attack. For a Final Smash, I’d go with the Geno Blast. I can imagine his rays of light taking opponents off the stage one-by-one. It would work similarly to Ness and Lucas’ Final Smash. I’m hoping he’ll find his way into the roster since Square-Enix and Nintendo are close. I always told myself, if Cloud Strife can make it in, any reasonable fighter can.

Well those are five characters I’d like to see in Super Smash Bros. Switch. Certainly, there are more characters I’d love for this game to have, but these five speak to me. We’ll have to wait and see what happens by the end of 2018.

What do you think about this list? What character would you like to see appear in the Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more news on Super Smash Bros, and everything gaming too!