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You Can Play Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch At Nintendo NY During E3 Week!

The Nintendo NYC Facebook page is hosting a fan event that’ll cover Nintendo’s E3 2018 activities. Nintendo NYC promises to give fans a chance to try Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch and Mario Tennis Aces. The event will take place during June 11th through the 15th. The Facebook account titles the event “E3 Experience at […]

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5 Lost Stages That Need To Return In Super Smash Bros. Switch!

We all have our favorite veteran and newcomer characters we’d like to see appear in Super Smash Bros, but only a few have discussed what stages should return in the new Nintendo Switch title. This list will not be in any particular order and I will only select stages based on franchises. For example, I won’t pick […]

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Nintendo News Round-Up: E3 2018 Plans & Nintendo Switch Online Information Incoming?

With the financial briefing all wrapped up in a bow; it was only a matter of time until Nintendo released their final smash. By final smash, I mean their E3 2018 plans! According to Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, their E3 starts on June 11th with the “Splatoon 2 World Championship” tournament that will air […]

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5 Characters I Want In Super Smash Bros. Switch!

Since the March 8th, 2018 Nintendo Direct’s shocking teaser footage for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch, many memes, analysis, and discussions have emerged. These centered around the Inklings inclusion in the game and the silhouette squad in front of the flaming smash logo. Today, I want to revert your attention to five characters that […]