Destiny 2 Prepares for Shadowkeep Launch

Destiny 2 is releasing their latest expansion Shadowkeep on Tuesday October 1st. There are a few things players should know before this.


The game will be down for maintainence today, Monday September 30th, for 24 hours. This is to prepare for the move over to Steam and for the launch of Shadowkeep.

From to Steam

Remember that you will no longer be able to play via the launcher, it will only be available on Steam. If you have not already moved your account over from to Steam, you can link your account on Bungie’s website.

Bright Dust changes

Bright dust can no longer be acquired by breaking down Eververse items starting October 1st- they will now break down into legendary shards.

Also, break down any unused mods, they’re permanent with the new update, so you only need one of each.

New Light releases

New Light is the free-to-play version of Destiny 2, meaning that if you’ve been on the fence about playing, jump in! The base game, and all campaigns through Forsaken will be included. Worlds will be unlocked via experience, not campaign progress, with this update.

Pre-load to get a head start

You can pre-load the game on Steam now to get ready for launch tomorrow. It’s almost 80 GB, so free up some space on your drive if you need to.

That’s all, looking forward to seeing new Guardians and returning veterans!


On the Metro Exodus Exclusivity Controversy

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this article is the personal opinion of the author, and in no way reflects the views of Silver Soul Gaming, its staff, or its constituents.

I’ve been looking forward to Metro Exodus since it was announced at E3. I’m a pretty big fan of the series and seeing the Steam pre-orders sparked some semblance of joy into my dark, depressed heart. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to pre-order the game, so I decided to wait until release before making a relatively expensive purchase. Recently, Deep Silver made an exclusivity deal with Epic to only sell the game on their store. After learning that I can’t buy Exodus through Steam, I sadly won’t buy it at all. I don’t swear any undying loyalty to Steam, nor do I think all other stores are inferior, but I can’t support a publisher that would take away the option of buying a game on my preferred platform after it had already been on the Steam store and sold pre-orders. I’m quite frankly disappointed and I would hate to see such conniving marketing strategies perpetuated in the future, hence my personal decision to boycott Metro Exodus. It’s such a shame as well, because I was really looking forward to playing what looks to be the greatest installment yet to the Metro series.

Again, keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and does not represent the views of Silver Soul Gaming.