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Windjammers Is Heading To The Nintendo Switch This Year!

Windjammers is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch this year–video game developer Dotemu’s Twitter account announced. According to, this Nintendo Switch port of the game is similar to the PS4 and PS Vita versions–as it will have the same online-multiplayer features. Dotemu uploaded a trailer to their YouTube channel. You can watch the […]

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Review of the Switch’s Newest Retro Port “Power Spikes II”

“POWER SPIKES II is a sports game released in 1994 by VIDEO SYSTEM. It features the Hyper Mode where the world’s strongest 8 teams compete along with the World Men’s and World Women’s teams in this futuristic fighting volleyball. In Hyper Mode, commands for special serves and spikes can be input for an intense battle.” […]

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Stardew Valley Has Finally Made its Way to the Switch- Silver Weighs in on How the Port is

Farming fans are rejoicing as the beloved Stardew Valley has finally become ported digitally to the Nintendo Switch, and for only $14.99. Many of us have played the other console ports, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on computer where it was originally released. While the first two ports were successful, is it worth […]

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Time to Bust Out Your Switch and Head Back to the Farm- Stardew Valley is Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5th!

The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming the go to for indie titles, and one of the best is coming this Thursday- ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley. If you are unfamiliar with this 16-bit masterpiece, it was developed by ConcernedApe, which is headed buy the one-man-show Eric Barone. That is right, Stardew Valley was fully created, written, and […]