Jumping for (Nurse) joy — A recap of the 01/09/2020 Pokémon Direct

I’m quite certain most of us can agree that today was a good day to be a Pokémon fan, as today’s Pokémon Direct hit us with three very cool announcements.  The most prominent reveal was that of the Expansion Pass that will add 200+ Pokémon and two areas to your journey through the Galar Region.  Some gamers were a bit aggro about a duo of Pokémon games having paid DLC ($30 or otherwise), but I have confidence the content in said DLC will be worth the dinero.

But Sword & Shield were not the only stars of the show, as the Direct kicked off with the reveal of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, which is a Switch remake of Pokémon Blue & Red Rescue Team.  This remake is due for release on March 6, and there is an eShop demo available now.

The Direct wrapped up with Pokémon Home being announced for a February release.  Home is a hub app that allows for transferring Pokémon from game to game, and that includes importing from Go to Sword & Shield.

We’re not even a full month into 2020, and it’s already looking like it’s gonna be a fantastic year for the mega-popular Pokémon franchise regardless of how controversial Sword & Shield seem to be.  From Switch games to mobile apps, 2020 will no doubt be a fun year to catch ’em all

Catch ‘Em with Giant Pokeballs- Pokemon Direct June 2019

It’s that time again- new Pokemon Direct, new information about Pokemon Sword and Shield! There are some big things coming, come find out! You can watch the full Direct here.

Galar Region

I’ll probably get lost in this region

The Galar Region is where the games take place. It is a vast region filled with wild areas for you to explore in-between cities. Professor Magnolia will be your guide through the region, and her research is in the Dynamax phenomenon, but more on that in a minute. Leon is the current champion of the region, and he earned his reputation as the best battler. His younger brother, Hop, is your rival because (surprise) you both start your journeys on the same day.

Leon is one fly guy, and a tough opponent

The region looks beautiful in the wild areas, and the cities are also nothing to shake a stick at. The gyms are built like sporting arenas. The battles are coliseum style, and broadcasted throughout the region as they are the most popular form of entertainment.

Wild Areas

These wild areas are where you will find most of the new Pokemon you will encounter and capture. Corviknight, a flying Pokemon who acts as a taxi service between cities (and to me looks like a stealth fighter, which is pretty cool), is one that you will encounter outside of the wild areas, along with others working alongside humans in cities. Third person camera is enabled while you’re in these areas, which allows you to look around and scout out for the Pokemon you really want.


Now for the Dynamax phenomenon- the new mechanic for these games. Dynamax allows your Pokemon to grow gigantic, and increases the power of their moves, but only once per battle for 3 turns. The gyms are specially designed to handle these kinds of Pokemon, and the crowd loves it when they battle.

Intensity Intensifies

In the wild areas, you can encounter Dynamax Pokemon and battle them with other players in raid-style battles called Max Raids. These Pokemon have special moves that make them formidable opponents while Dynamaxed. In addition, only one member of the battle team can Dynamax their own Pokemon, so make sure you collaborate to get the best outcome. Once they’re weak enough, you can capture them using giant Pokeballs that you have to throw with both hands. Some Pokemon can only be caught in the wild after being caught in these Raid battles, so keep your eyes open.

New Legendaries

The legendary Pokemon were revealed at the very end of the Direct. Sword’s legendary is a wolf who holds a sword in its mouth called Zasian. Shield’s is a lion that has a shield for its mane called Zamasenta. They both look pretty cool to me, but I’m partial to the wolf.

Which one do you like?

Pokemon Sword and Shield release worldwide on November 15, 2019. There is a special double pack that includes both games available today for pre-order.

Nintendo Removes Tweet Regarding Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield That Revealed The Gym Leaders’ New Titles!

Today, the Nintendo of America Twitter account tweeted new information concerning Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s gyms and gym leaders. According to their tweet, the gym leaders in the Galar region are called “Gym Masters” and the gyms in these games will be larger than those found in previous mainline Pokemon titles.

Unfortunately, Nintendo removed the tweet minutes after posting it on Twitter. However, IGN.com took a screenshot of the tweet and posted it in their article. We’ve provided the image below for your viewing pleasure.

Screenshot courtesy of IGN.com.

Although we haven’t been introduced to some of the games’ gym masters yet, I’m curious how the format in these stadium-like gyms will differ from the previous Pokemon titles. I think that these ‘gyms’ could work similarly to the coliseums found in spin-off Pokemon titles like Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Coliseum, and Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Essentially, you would face three trainers–each getting tougher as you progress further up that gym’s ladder. Then, you would meet the gym master and duke it out with them to receive their respected-badge. However, I’m just spit-balling here and I could be completely wrong when The Pokemon Company reveals the Galar region’s gym concepts themselves.

Image courtesy of gamerevolution.com.

On the note of utilizing concepts from prior Pokemon titles, IGN.com speculates that the tweet’s possibly hinting at the ‘following you’ Pokemon feature returning in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This is based on the fact that the Nintendo of America Twitter account tweet said, “you and your new partner Pokemon will have to train hard and find out.”

Furthermore, IGN.com referred to a statement written on “the official Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! page,” that stated, “unlike regular Pokémon, your partner prefers to be out of its Poké Ball, so it will stay with you by hanging on your shoulder or riding on your head.” Based on the information provided in this quote, IGN.com claims that this statement could relate to Nintendo’s tweet, since they refer to your Galar region starter Pokemon choice–Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble–as new partner Pokemon.

However, IGN.com states that the partner Pokemon quote could relate to “any other Pokémon you choose.” Yet, they assume that they could be misinterpreting that specific part of the tweet and that the ‘Pokemon following you’ feature will not be included in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Even if these speculations I and IGN.com made are fictitious, I believe these new Pokemon games will add some new flavor into the Pokemon video-game experience. Furthermore, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on more Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield news when more information is publicly available.

What do you think about this news? Was Nintendo’s reasoning for deleting the tweet due to misinformation or was it because they shared exclusive details that The Pokemon Company didn’t want their fans to learn about yet? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield news, and everything gaming too.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Were Announced During Today’s Pokemon Direct!

Today, the Nintendo of America YouTube channel aired a Pokemon Direct that revealed the long-awaited 2019 Core RPG Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch. Unsurprisingly, there were two Core RPG Pokemon titles developed for the system which are being called, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

These games represent the 8th Pokemon generation and both will release later this year. The Official Pokemon YouTube channel also uploaded the trailer for the titles for those who only wanted to see them in action. To watch the trailer, click here.

Image courtesy of the Nintendo of America Twitter account.

The game’s region is called Galar whose appearance resembles that of Britain. Not only did we get to see the game’s region and playable protagonists’ appearance, but The Pokemon Company also revealed this region’s starters. According to the trailer, we have a new fire type rabbit Pokemon called Scorbunny, a timid water lizard Pokemon called Sobble, and grass chimp Pokemon named Grookey.

As for Pokemon Sword’s and Pokemon Shield’s game-play, it appears we won’t be seeing Pokemon frolic along the over-world like in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. Instead, it seems GameFreak wishes to go back to the random encounter formula as the trailer shows the female trainer walking in the ‘tall grass’–leading into a battle with a wild Pikachu.

Image courtesy of The Official Pokemon YouTube channel.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s director is Shigeru Ohmori. He’s known for working on the previous generation titles like Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire–according to Gamespot.com. Outside of this game’s reveal, The Pokemon Company teased in the direct that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield aren’t only titles they have planned to release this year.

Whether those projects are more mobile games or spin-off titles like PokePark, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, or Pokemon Rumble–is up for speculation. No details other than a teaser statement from Pokemon CEO and president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, were given.

Based on a plethora of fan feedback from the games’ trailer, it seems to lean heavily on the positive spectrum. The games’ look terrific and I hope The Pokemon Company makes sure to keep the Galar Region’s lore behind closed doors. As always, be sure to keep up to date with all our content, as we will cover news about these titles when new information’s released.

What do you think about this news? Will you be picking up Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield separately, or are you cashing in to get both? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield news, and everything gaming too.