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First Impressions: Yooka-Laylee

My favourite video game genre is undeniably the role-playing genre, but I’ve been trying to branch out in recent years. I’ve found a lot of cool titles that I wouldn’t have appreciated when I was younger. I used to spend a lot of time playing Mario with Earlier this week, I decided to indulge my […]

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Flash Review: Trine

This is a series of reviews for generally shorter games that one could find for $15 USD or less on Steam. If you have a recommendation for a game that fits this category, let us know! A knight, a thief, and a fairly unsuccessful wizard get bonded together through an ancient artifact. This is no joke, […]

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Teddy and Bo: Search for the Dream Catcher, the exciting fresh 3D platformer coming soon to the PS4.

3D Plat forming game which takes place inside a child’s dream. Find the “Legendary Dream Catcher” and restore the balance between dreams and nightmares. Coming soon to PS4 and PC!   Teddy and Bo, search for the dream catcher is a 3d platformer takes a modern twist on the original 3d platformers from the PlayStation […]