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Review of Pokémon Snap — For those with the benefit of Pokémon photography

For those of you who don’t know me very well, something I really wanted when I was a child was my very own camera.  Not because I was jealous of those in my family who owned one, but because I developed a fascination with walking around and taking pictures of the beautiful pieces of nature […]

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Review of Mischief Makers — Shake-shaking things up

If there was anything the Nintendo 64 was knee-deep in, it was platforming games. Not only was Super Mario 64 an absolute masterpiece in the genre, but there were a handful of second and third-party platform gems in the 64-bit console’s library. And no matter how obscure a game may be, you know it has […]

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Data-mine Reveals 22 SNES Games In NES Online App For Nintendo Switch!

Last night, Twitter user @KappuccinoHeck was looking through the Nintendo Switch’s NES Online App’s data and discovered twenty-two SNES games that argues Nintendo might release for the Nintendo Switch’s online service at a later date. The list of the twenty-two SNES games that @KappuccinoHeck found are as follows: Super Mario Kart Super Soccer The […]