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Endgame Directors to Launch New MTG Series on Netflix

A new show based on Magic: The Gathering could see Wizards attempting to break into the streaming TV market.

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New Death Stranding Trailer Reveals Release Date

Hideo Kojima reveals new details about his game, announced in 2016, and sets a release date of November 8th while accepting pre-orders.

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GearBox Plans to reveal new Borderlands 3 content at E3

According to information from Twitter, GearBox will be revealing further details of the game – including a surprise – at the year’s biggest event.

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When Cats Form a Mafia – Nyakuza Metro Review

Check out Vlastilon’s review of the latest DLC for A Hat in TIme!

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George RR Martin and FromSoftware’s new game is rumored to be at E3 2019

Rumor has it that George RR Martin and FromSoftware have teamed up, and might be making an appearance at E3.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 (Final Mix) Vanitas Mod

Read our review of Kingdom Hearts’ new Vanitas mod.

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Microsoft And Sony To Work Together on Tech

A press release from Microsoft indicates they will collaborate with Sony to tackle new challenges.

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Dead Sea Almanac – May 13, 2019

Special extended-length Monday Mystery: The Tomb of Seya! Explore the tomb of one of the Queen’s Handmaidens of the second age elven kingdom of K’ren!


Anthem Devs Assigned to Dragon Age

Anthem devs move on to Dragon Age and the majority of games media is all a flutter, but is this really disaster?