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Bathe in the Fires of Radiation- Thoughts on Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter

Bethesda announced a while back that they were planning new content for Fallout 76 over the course of the year, and announced at E3 that they were putting a new mode in Fallout 76. Enter Nuclear Winter- a battle royale mode of the game to see who can become Overseer of Vault 51. Was this […]

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Two New Nintendo Switch Models May Be Coming Out This Summer, According To The Wall Street Journal!

Today, many video game media websites reported on an article written by The Wall Street Journal stating that “two new versions of its Switch gaming console as early as this Summer.” Though I couldn’t access the full report because of’s subscription service, I’m going to be referencing the points noted by in this […]

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Reports Say Phil Spencer Said Google Had “No Big Surprises” With The Stadia Announcement, And That He Claims Xbox Will “Go Big” At E3 This Year!

Yesterday, published an article that states that “Xbox head Phil Spencer reportedly said the Google Stadia announcement had ‘no big surprises,’ and that Xbox in turn will ‘go big’ at E3 2019.” reports that this news came from “an alleged email that went out to various Microsoft employees.” Furthermore, states that the reporters over at, “a website known […]

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Devolver Digital Will Have An E3 Press Conference This Year While EA Will Not!

Today, the Devolver Digital Twitter account announced that they’re holding a E3 press conference this year. Also, EA confirmed today that they won’t be holding a press conference at E3 this year–according, This news stems from reports from many gaming outlets like claiming that “EA has announced it will skip the conference this year (…)” […]

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New Reports Claim That Microsoft Will Reveal New Xbox Hardware Platforms At E3 This Year!

This week there have been many reports claiming that Microsoft’s going to show off  “two new Xbox hardware platforms during E3 2019, and that Halo Infinite will launch alongside them,” according to Based on’s translation for “French site Jeux Video’s” report, this new Xbox hardware will be apart of the Project Scarlet family and will be revealed at […]

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Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Dev, Soleil’s Developing Two Unknown Nintendo Switch Games!

Today, stumbled upon a former Soleil staff member’s (whose name will remain anonymous) LinkedIn profile and discovered “two unannounced projects for Switch” were listed in his CV’s. reports that, “the staffer served as an environment artist on one of these games, and a lead environment artist on the other title.” reminds consumers that Soleil “has ties to […]