Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed until September

Cyberpunk 2077, the much anticipated game from CD Projekt RED, has been delayed until September 17, 2020. If you don’t know what this game is about, check out the trailer here.

In the announcement, they say that “…the game is complete and playable, but there is still work to be done.” This is in reference to the content in the game, specifically Night City where the game takes place.

They want to make the game “perfect” because they want the game to be “…our crowning achievement for this generation”.

Best of luck to them, and I hope that the game performs at launch as well as they say it will. We will keep you informed as more updates become available.

Animal Crossing on Switch Delayed Until 2020

Animal Crossing on the Switch was originally supposed to be released later this year. However at the Nintendo Direct at E3 2019, they announced the title for the game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as a new release date- March 20, 2020.

Why the delay?

The reason for the delay was so that they could focus on making the experience the best that it can be, as explained in the Direct. This may be due to the recent events when companies (like Bethesda and BioWare) released too early and the game wasn’t in a finished state, causing backlash from the community. I for one would prefer that a company pushes back release so they can polish the game and make it the best that it can be. Wouldn’t you agree?

What do we know about the game?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings us to a deserted island, and none other than Tom Nook himself funds the whole trip. Well when I say fund, I mean loans you 49,800 Bells that you have to pay back.

I didn’t ask for your predatory loans Tom!

Anyways, you’re given a tent, and once you get that set up, you’re able to start making improvements on the island. Eventually, you’ll begin seeing more people arrive, and before long you have a small community.

Taking a stroll through the neighborhood

Hopefully as it gets closer to the release date, we will have more details on what we can do in the game. We saw fishing, planting, and paving sidewalks in the trailer, but what else can we do? Time will tell.

What are you looking forward to in New Horizons? Leave us a comment below!

Ubisoft Delays Skull and Bones

After Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag made waves (Nautical pun!) in the gaming world in 2012, Ubisoft explored making a pirate game that was not tethered to the Assassin’s Creed name. They sent out surveys and found that there was quite an interest in such a game and came up with Skull and Bones. An online multiplayer pirate game…

No, not that one.

Whereas Sea of Thieves has a cartoonish vibe and you need a crew, Skull and Bones was grittier violent version and the gameplay would reflect the Assassin’s Creed ship combat style.

It has been six years since Ubisoft decided to try their hand at this game and it has not been smooth sailing (last nautical pun… probably). The games creative director left Ubisoft late last year and the game had been expected to have a showing at this years E3 conference. Alas it is not meant to be, Ubisoft has delayed the game and will update players when there is news to share.

Black Flag and Sea of Thieves will have to sate your pirate needs for now.

Metroid Prime 4’s Initial Development’s Been Scrapped; Retro Studios’s Back In Business!

Today, the Nintendo of America Twitter account posted an update regarding the highly anticipated installment in the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Prime 4. However, senior managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi stated that the game’s initial development didn’t meet Nintendo’s standards and that all development from the prior team has been scrapped.

On the other hand, fans were met with exciting news that the team responsible for the Metroid Prime series, Texas’s Retro Studios will take over and develop the title alongside producer Kensuke Tanabe. To watch Nintendo’s statements about Metroid Prime 4, click here.

Image courtesy of the Nintendo YouTube channel.

Shinya Takahashi was sincere and passionate in his statements about the delay but wanted to make sure fans were aware of the game’s development since its announcement during Nintendo’s E3 Showcase 2017 event (link courtesy of GameSpot’s YouTube channel). Here are a few statements Takahashi stated in the video.

“Although this is very regrettable we must let you know that the current development progress has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime series. Nintendo always strives for the highest quality in our games; and in the development phase, we challenge ourselves to confront whether the game is living up to that quality on a daily basis.”

Thus, Takahashi admits that the decision to delay the title was a challenging one as the development team now wants to re-analyze Metroid Prime 4’s development structure and switch things up. He also believes that if the game were to release in its current vision, it may not meet fans’ expectations and could damage Nintendo’s confidence—applying that Nintendo wasn’t satisfied with the game’s current build.

Image courtesy of

Furthermore, Takahashi confirms that the project’s current producer, Kensuke Tanabe, will work “in trust and in collaboration with the studio that developed the original Metroid Prime series, Retro Studios”—as all prior development will be scrapped and changed. These two entities, Takahashi claims, will help make Metroid Prime 4, the title Metroid fans have been clamoring for.

Speaking of expectations, Takahashi declared, “this change will essentially mean restarting development from the beginning” and the game’s release regarding Nintendo’s initial internal plan will be postponed. Furthermore, Takahashi states,

“it will be a long road until the next time we will be able to update you on the development progress, and development time will be extensive. However, we will continue developing the game so that when it is completed, it will stand shoulder to shoulder with the past Metroid Prime series titles.”

Image courtesy of

Its been two years since we’ve last seen and heard news about Metroid Prime 4. Though some fans are a bit disheartened by Nintendo’s decision to delay and restart its development, it appears Takahashi’s humble approach in addressing the news, won fans over—especially the news that Retro Studio’s taking over the development for the game. I estimate that we won’t see or hear from this game until late 2021 or early 2022—since development’s been restarted “from the beginning.” Though we know it’ll be in good hands.

If Miyamoto’s quote about delayed titles comes true for Metroid Prime 4, this decision and announcement will not be in vein. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when news about this title or other announced Nintendo games are publicly shared to us all.

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Starbreeze Studios Announce Overkill’s The Walking Dead’s Getting Delayed!

Yesterday, the publisher behind Overkill’s The Walking Dead, Starbreeze Studios announced on their website (via that the game’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases have been postponed. They promise that information for the titles’ new release date will be shared in the future.

Sadly, Starbreeze doesn’t share any information regarding the game’s reasons for being delayed–only that it’s being released at a different time.

Photo courtesy of reports that “the cooperative shooter was slated to come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as of February 6.” They also state that Overkill’s The Walking Dead’s PC version wasn’t received well and had many issues.

The problems GameInformer previews editor, Matt Miller addressed were “technical problems and connection issues, baffling gameplay systems and controls, tedious combat and stealth,” and disorganized mission layouts that drained the fun out of the game.

Photo courtesy of claims that Overkill’s The Walking Dead’s PC version’s poor performance, influenced Starbreeze Studios to begin “a cost-cutting initiative and reconstruction” while persuading the studio’s former CEO Bo Anderson to relieve himself of his duties because of the financial impact this game had on the company.

Moreover,, like myself, are impressed that Starbreeze Studio’s still planing to oversee the publishing for Psychonauts 2 and System Shock 3, despite their financial losses with Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Regardless, I believe it’d be fair for the company to share a critical explanation behind the game’s delay–as I’m sure its fans are seeking one.

Though no information’s been shared about its new release date or reasons for being delayed, we’ll be sure to keep you updated when Starbreeze Studios publicly shares those specific details.

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NIS America, Inc. Delays RPG Maker MV’s Western Console Release for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4!

Yesterday, the NIS America, Inc. Twitter account announced that RPG Maker MV’s western console release in February for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 systems has been delayed. Apparently, “due to issues with development, the release of RPG Maker MV will be delayed to later this year,” according to the NIS America, Inc. Twitter account.

Photo courtesy of Steam.

Further, reports that there were several errors with the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 RPG Maker MV versions that are available now in Japan. They also note that the Xbox One version of the title was delayed to Winter 2019 and is currently being scheduled to release in 2019, in general.

More importantly, reports,

“An official tweet from November 18, 2018 noted that the developer was aware of problems that would result in the software freezing or save data being corrupted and was working on fixes.”

Photo courtesy of Steam.

NIS America, Inc.’s tweet on Twitter alerted fans that they “apologize for the inconvenience, and are taking action in order to deliver the best product possible.” Though no specific release date was given outside of the delayed announcement for the game’s western release, players who want to play the game can purchase it in Japan now.

Yet, for those who were looking forward to RPG Maker MV’s western release, you may have to wait a bit longer. Hopefully, this extra development time will help the developers fix the game’s current problems.

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The Scheduled Nintendo Direct Has Been Delayed!

Several hours ago the Nintendo of America Twitter account informed their audience that the recently announced September 6th, 2018 Nintendo Direct has been postponed.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo of America

Here’s the explanation given by the Nintendo of America Twitter account,

“Due to the powerful earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan, we have decided to delay this week’s planned Nintendo Direct. We will provide a new time and date in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.”

We are sending our thoughts and prayers to the many civilians in Hokkaido, Japan, who were effected by this earthquake. We completely understand Nintendo’s reasoning behind the delay. Based on the information shared, it seems Nintendo‘s future Direct will cover the information shared in the announcement post they made on Twitter yesterday.

Here’s what the Nintendo of America Twitter account said prior to their message above,

“Tune in 9/6 at 3pm PT for a new Nintendo Direct featuring around 35 minutes of information on upcoming Nintendo and titles!

I’m certain Nintendo’s Direct will come soon enough but the lives of others always comes first before anything. We hope everyone who was effected by this earthquake will receive all the love and support from loved ones and others. Even still, we’ll keep you updated when Nintendo shares news about their September Nintendo Direct. 

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