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Bungie to Detail Future Plans For Destiny 2 Next Week

Bungie tweeted yesterday that it will reveal more about the future of Destiny 2 on June 6. The reveal is 2 days after the start of Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence. This is the last season for the current pass released for the game. Following Bungie’s split with Activision, it’s going to be interesting to […]

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Bungie and Activision’s Partnership Ends & Bungie Holds Destiny’s Rights!

Today, Bungie announced on, that they’re splitting up with Activision and Bungie plans to maintain Destiny’s rights. IGN states that Bungie and Activision held a publishing agreement together since 2010. According to Bungie’s post on titled, “Our Destiny,” Bungie states, “With Activision, we created something special. To date, Destiny has delivered a combination of over 50 […]

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Destiny 2 (Story) Review.

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 With the wild popularity of Bungie’s Destiny (2014), it comes as no surprise that Destiny 2 came out of the corner swinging. During my approximately twelve hours of vanilla game play (as the hunter class) there was never a dull moment, which is a warm welcome considering the original game and […]