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Review of Super Mario Party — A shot in the arm for Nintendo’s groundbreaking party series

We’ve pretty much lost count of how many game series made mistakes that resulted in numerous fans asking for a return to the roots, and one of those series is Mario Party. As groundbreaking as it was when it got the party started in 1999 on the Nintendo 64, the series has had a number of […]

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Starting and Parking — A discussion about the many flaws in NASCAR Heat 3

If you review videogames, you’ll no doubt have at least one time when you don’t want to hate a certain game but then feel you have no choice but to write about all the things that irk you about said game; You try numerous times to enjoy whatever you’re playing and ignore the issues that […]

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Review of Onrush – A spiritual successor to Codemasters’ own Fuel?

If you’re a diehard fan of driving games, chances are Codemasters has been one of your favorite developers. The UK-based studio has dominated the genre with long-running series like Dirt, F1, Grid, and Micro Machines. But if you remember their post-apocalyptic off-road racer called Fuel, you might be intrigued by this new addition to Codemasters’ […]

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Review of Burnout: Paradise Remastered – Take me home

10 years ago, Electronic Arts’ Criterion Games studio did a little experimenting with the Burnout series.  They placed their exhilarating arcade racer in an open-world environment, littered with jumps, shortcuts, destructibles, and lots of traffic.  Rather than be a continuation of Revenge, Burnout: Paradise was a retooling of the Burnout formula, but also retained the  intense sense of speed and humorous crashes […]

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Review of EA Sports UFC 3 – The Octagon awaits

Like the NFL, the NFLPA, and FIFA, the Ultimate Fighting Championship only allows one company at a time to develop videogames with their licensing; And ever since THQ sold their ownership of said license as if they were preparing for their upcoming filing of bankruptcy, the world heavyweight champion of sports games in Electronic Arts […]