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We here at Silver Soul Gaming love to share our passion for gaming and helping others with exciting groups and websites. We are proud partners with Geekologist Radio and The Sims Global Community, and affiliates with Love Thy Nerd and Evil Controllers.

logo_smTune in weekly to the Geekologist Radio podcast where you can hear our friends Damian and Nick talk about all things gaming, movies, and TV- and often you can catch Silver on the air joining in on the fun! Damian and Nick are contributing writers to our site, and Damian is the face of Silver Soul Gaming on the West Coast.
Join us on Discord to live chat during recordings and discuss the hottest topics, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

12509015_549612138531980_4710942246569146740_nThe Sims Global Community started as a humble Facebook group when the owner, Daniel, was bored and stuck at home after surgery, eagerly awaiting the release of The Sims 4. It has since blown into a group of over 53,000 members, and growing! Daniel is now committed to turning SGC into a community for all gamers, as a place to be yourself and come together online to talk about what we all love- games.
Give SGC a like on Facebook, and join the group to keep up to date on latest giveaways!

logo-ltnLove Thy Nerd is a new non-profit organization driven by their compassion for not only gamers, but nerds and geeks of all fandoms. Not a gamer? Dr. Who, anime, Star Wars, and board games more your jazz? Then you are more than welcome to join this community! Alongside the Love Thy Nerd Community group on Facebook, they have their website which provides articles that go deeper than your average geek source. They discuss morality, decision making, art, and more and wrap it up in a beautifully written opinion piece, or even review.
The biggest reason that Silver Soul Gaming is so proud to work with LTN is that they strive to reach out to those who are lost, in need of some community, or even those who do not understand the nerd culture. They are working to provide educational materials to parents, pastors, youth groups, and more to destigmatize the world of gaming and overall geekiness. Love Thy Nerd, love thyself.
Look out for pieces on their website by Silver, give them a like on Facebook, check out their podcast Free Play, and join the Community where you will often find Silver hanging out and chatting with fellow nerds.gUyHHhGa_400x400If you have been following us for awhile, then you are already familiar with Evil Controllers. Every game Silver plays or reviews on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is done using an Evil Shift controller. We are big supporters of their work, especially in the disabled community. They have gone above and beyond to help gamers reach access to their favorite console regardless of what was getting in their way. They even inspired Microsoft in their recent release of an accessible controller. Not disabled but love customizable controllers? How about mods, or paddles? They will do you one better with the amazing buttons on the Evil Shift controller, whether you want it modded or not. Check out their website and design your own controller today, and receive $10 off when you use the code SSG10