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Welcome to the illustrious home of the Dead Sea Trading Company. Here you will find anything and everything roleplaying-related. You may know some of our game masters from Twitch already. Alternatively, you may have seen an issue of the Dead Sea Almanac. Whatever brings you here, we’re glad to have you at our table. Check out showtimes below, or peruse our selection of fine articles. We’re generating content on a daily basis, so be sure to check back often.

Dead Sea Show Times and Locations

City of Echoes (Lone Wolf): 7pm Eastern/6pm Central, on the SSG Twitch

The G-Team (JethroTerrashock): 10:30pm Eastern, on Vlastilon’s Channel

Soulsword Renegades (JethroTerrashock): 10:30pm Eastern, on the SSG Twitch

Latest Posts

The Dead Sea Trading Company is proud to present content on a daily basis for all your game mastering needs. Magic items, adventures, and setting documents, you’ll find it all here. Check out our latest entries below, or head over to the archives for more content.

About Us

Intentional Game Mastering

Here at the Dead Sea Trading Company, we believe good game masters care about their players. Because of that belief, we take game mastering beyond the table. Not only are our sessions non-toxic and welcoming for all our players, but so are our weeks. We check in, we empathize, and we take seriously the trust and friendship that exists between us and our players. When people need help, we help them get it. And when they come to our tables as a way of getting through a real tough time, we help them any way we can.

Meet our Game Masters

Lone Wolf

Donald Andrew “Lone Wolf” Bronson is a passionate game master and player of many different systems. With more than a decade of nights around the table and over a thousand hours behind the screen, Wolf knows nearly every trick in the book, but that doesn’t stop him from constantly trying to improve his game. When he’s not writing or managing the Silver Soul website, Wolf can be found tinkering with Tabletop Simulator or kicking back in games of world conquest. He’s fond of things that come from prior eras – fountain pens, safety razors, and leather-bound books, to name a few.


Jet to his friends, JethroTerrashock is our other primary game master. You can catch him Thursdays or Saturdays at our scheduled times, and when you do you can bet on him having written up extensive notes. A fiddler with maps, Jet is also a musical aficionado and a speed-runner extraordinaire. He hard nopes at creepy dolls and has a penchant for the word “hatapata”. When he’s not engaged in Silver Soul activities, he’s probably making music or enjoying tea. And hey, he streams his speed-runs too.