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Hollow Knight: Silksong Revealed For Nintendo Switch and PC!

Today, Hollow Knight developer Team Cherry announced the next addition to their beloved metroidvania title, Hollow Knight, called Hollow Knight: Silksong. According to Team Cherry’s blog for the game, they state that “[it] is the epic sequel to Hollow Knight, the award winning action-adventure of bugs and heroes.” Team Cherry also uploaded a two-minute-long trailer […]

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Review: Things get medievally weird in tinyBuild’s Graveyard Keeper

From Russian developer Lazy Bear Games, creator of Punch Club, comes a fabulous new sim game in line with the likes of Stardew Valley, with an eerie twist. In Graveyard Keeper you play as, well, the Keeper. Suddenly thrown into a medieval village, aptly called The Village, with no idea how to get home, your […]

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Cyanide & Happiness is Creating a Video Game After Successful Kickstarter!

Anyone that loves webcomics, dark humor, and adorably drawn stick-ish figures knows what Cyanide & Happiness is. Beginning in January 2005 with their hilarious webcomic cartoons online, Cyanide & Happiness has exploded using Kickstarter and now has a card game and a fully animated cartoon short that you can find through their website or […]