Anthem – Our World, My Story

In a new trailer Bioware has explained a few gameplay features of Anthem.

Today, on PAX West 2018, Bioware has shown us a new trailer for Anthem. Anthem is an upcoming online shooter game with a shared world. In the trailer developers have explained that in Anthem players will have a “personal story” to explore. Alongside that, players will be able to share their experience with other players and NPCs.

You will be able to create “your own experience” with every choice that you make. Besides storyline, game will be heavy on exploration and interaction, both with players and NPCs.

You can watch trailer here:

Announcement trailer for Damnview: Built From Nothing

New sandbox life simulator is heading to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS 4 and Xbox One next year.

Damnview: Built From Nothing is on PAX West 2018 and has an announcement trailer to show for it. It is going to be an urban life simulator somewhat similar to Stardew Valley. Though that concept is where similarities end. In Damnview: Built From Nothing you will play as an anthropomorphic animal trying to survive in a harsh city. Your character, under your command, will need to create and support his life, both social and private. You will be able to play Damnview on PAX West 2018.

You can watch trailer here:

New trailer for Pathologic 2 Alpha has been released

Ice-Pick Lodge has shown us a new trailer for an Alpha version of Pathologic 2.

Russian developer team Ice-Pick Lodge has shown us a new trailer at PAX West 2018. It is a trailer of their newest project – Pathologic 2. Pathologic 2 is a survival thriller game with elements of RPG and quest. Although they’ve announced their game a while ago, at PAX they have opened an Alpha testing sign up.

You can watch trailer here:

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance had been announced – surprise!

Newest game in the series will continue the trend of 2018 as being “the year of Isaac”.

Edmund McMillen has announced a new chapter in the history of Isaac. Although he earlier said that he has more in store for Isaac (and his fans), it is still fairly surprising. After all, latest Forgotten update was just in the April.  But is seems that McMillen have decided to give us a few gifts for this PAX and have announced his new game in a short teaser on a twitter account.

You can watch it here:

Horror cyberpunk game Observer is coming on Nintendo Switch

Bloober Team is porting their cyberpunk horror game on Switch.

Today, at PAX 2018, Bloober Team has announced that they are porting Observer on Nintendo Switch. Observer is a story-driven horror game in the cyberpunk setting. Although it has somewhat simplistic mechanics, its story and atmosphere have managed to enchant many.

You can get a glimpse of it on PAX West 2018 today.

You’ll be able to play some unreleased Nintendo Switch games at PAX 2018

You’ll be able to play 3 unreleased Nintendo Switch games at PAX 2018 Nintendo booth.

Although PAX West 2018 had barely started, it already is bringing us some exciting news. According to the official Nintendo Switch twitter account players at PAX 2018 will have access to their yet unreleased titles. Those are: Pokemon Let’s Go, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Mario Party.

As such, you’ll be able to get your hands on games that will be released much later this year.  Nintendo plans to release Pokemon Let’s Go on November 16, Super Smash Bros Ultimate on December 7,  and Super Mario Party on October 5 this year.

PAX West 2018 had started today, August 31, and will continue until September 3.


Gato Roboto coming to PC and Switch in 2019

Revealed at PAX West 2018 by Devolver Digital, Gato Roboto combines two of the world’s greatest things- cats and robots. Who doesn’t love cats and robots? Maybe people allergic to cats and people who are afraid that AI will eventually take over the world. Looking at you Skynet.

This game plays like a Metroidvania, and is even described by Devolver as a “CatMechtroidvania”. I’m personally terrible at these kind of games, but I would love to play it, if for nothing else than the fact that I can control a cat in a robot suit who fights a mouse in a robot suit as a boss. Yes, you read that right. Check out the trailer here, it’s in there. I sense another game for speedrunning in the future, maybe, if I ever get good at it.

A cat in a mech suit, dreams do come true

I now have the song Mr. Roboto by STYX stuck in my head. Domo arigato, Gato Roboto.

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