SSG_Preston’s Gaming Wishlist for 2020

What’s up, everybody? I hope you all have been having an incredible holiday season! With 2020 being just around the corner, myself and many other gamers have already begun compiling lists of games we’d like to see in 2020.  My list is a blender of wishes that are probable and ones that are not-so-probable.  Hopefully […]

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Opinion: Politics in Video Games

Politics in video games: an aberration, or inevitability? First and foremost, the following text (and rant) is strictly my opinion and doesn’t represent the stance of Silver Soul Gaming. I think that most people nowadays agree that now video games have become a form of art. Not only that, but they also became a widespread […]

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Destiny 2 Year 3 First Impressions

As of this writing, I’ve been playing Destiny 2 Year 3 for 12 hours. There are very good things, and some not so good things. Grab your ship, we’re going for a ride. The Moon How are things now on the moon? Well, in short, it’s hell. The geography has gotten even worse with giant […]

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How an Event Pulled Me Back Into Destiny 2, Again

So as of this writing, it’s update day! I figured that while I’ve got some time, I’ll write up something about Destiny 2. I’ve been a Destiny player since the first game came out, and I’ve had a blast during this whole journey in that game and the sequel. However, I haven’t done much PvP […]

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First impressions of Monster Jam: Steel Titans — What the truck happened?

Like the other members of SSG, it’s my job to be fair when writing about the games that are on my mind. And I feel like I’ve been following that rule with ease in every article I’ve written so far. No matter how upset I seem when talking about a game’s flaws, I’m still able […]

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Preston’s View on the Ups and Downs of Each E3 2019 Press Conference

Another Gaming Christmas (a.k.a. E3) has come and gone, and a hefty number of new games and expansions were shown off to the numerous attendees. Out of all the companies that showed up to the party, only seven of the biggest publishers hosted press conferences to announce their lineups. Now that the convention has concluded, […]

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Article 13 of EU Copyright Laws: what is it and how will it affect creators?

As most of our readers probably know, governing bodies of EU recently finalized the wording of Articles 11 and 13 of copyright laws. Those are articles are extremely controversial and unpopular among creators and web platforms they are based on. Why is that? Let’s take a look. What those articles imply? First of all, what […]

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Anthem First Impressions

Anthem is the latest game developed by Bioware and published by EA games. It is an open world, always online shooter in the same veins as Destiny or The Division. If you have been to any site this week that deals with video games you have probably seen an inordinate amount of criticism and hate […]

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Nintendo of America President Reggie-Fils-Amie Will Retire In April: Doug Bowser Will Take His Place!

Today, a press release from declared that Reggie Fils-Amie’s career as Nintendo of America President and COO will come to a close on April 15th. The gentlemen who will “succeed Reggie as President of Nintendo of America” will be “Doug Bowser, NOA’s current Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing,” according to Also, the Nintendo […]

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Thoughts

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm has been out for a few days, and first impressions are positive across the board. It’s not a radical change to the series, but it adds depth and small little fixes that will make veteran players glad they picked it up. The biggest feature added by the DLC is interactions with […]