Graveyard Keeper Digs Its Way To Switch, PS4 and Mobile

A new launch trailer for Graveyard Keeper announces the game’s release on Switch, PS4, and mobile.

The tinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games game has been on PC and Xbox One for a while but arrives on the new platforms today. It looks to be a more macabre Stardew Valley for those looking to bury bodies rather than seeds. The game promises the ability to manage a “historically inaccurate medieval cemetery” and the bodies entrusted to you. Ethical dilemmas, business alliances and witch-burning ceremonies are all ways to build yourself and your budding cemetery up.

I’ve never played the game myself and never had much of an interest in Stardew Valley, but as soon as I saw you could throw bodies in the river I was sold. I might just have to try my hand at graveyard keeping soon. In the meantime, check out our review of the PC version here.


Microsoft E3 2019

What will Microsoft be bringing for E3? Halo Infinite? A new console? Some new exclusives? Being one of the only major game studios to make E3 this year they have a lot  of pressure to bring it. So will they?

The presentation opens with a game trailer. Looks to be Obsidian’s Outer Worlds and the long awaited release date. October 25, 2019. Lots of dialogue and fun outer space shenanigans.

Ninja Theory (Hellblade: Sesua’s Sacrifice), recently purchased by Microsoft, revealing Bleeding Edge. I am getting a sort of Sunset Overdrive/punk feel for the game. Technical Alpha for the game starts June 27.

Next up, looks like a new Ori and the Blind Forest game. Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Feb 11 2020.

From the creators of Minecraft (the less controversial creators anyway) Minecraft Dungeons which will be coming in Spring 2020 along with 4 player local and online coop.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, taking the stage. Phil has always been a man who talks about gamers and since he took over Xbox a few years ago, he has shifted the direction of the company to make Xbox more welcome to gamers of any kind. 60 games will be shown during the presentation, along with some detail on the the Cloud and Project Scarlett, Xbox’s new console.

EA’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer follows. Uncharted meets lightsabers. I am so down.

Trailer for a horror game. Remnants of Alan Wake? Definitely getting an Alan Wake vibe with this one, the flashlight, the monsters. But no. It’s the Blair Witch. Coming August 30.

Cyberpunk 2077 with a pretty groovy cinematic trailer showing us a scene that is gory and ends with a nice surprise. Keanu Reeves is in this game. And Keanu Reeves is on the stage to give us the release date for the game. April 16, 2020.

Spiritfarer A cutesy building and adventure game. One that will be available via Game Pass on Day One.

Battletoads! Comes with a very cartoony style that I dig and of course 3 player couch coop. No word on release date yet.

The Legend of Wright. I am not sure what this game is, it could be absolutely brilliant or absolutely awful. My interest is piqued and it certainly looks like the most original game I have seen in some time.

Sarah Bond, head of Xbox Partnerships. All ID games show up on Game Pass on Day One. Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight, and The Borderlands: Handsome Collection come to the Game Pass today. She also touched on a few of the games that will be available for the PC Game Pass. Over 100 games at launch, including Imperator Rome, Football Manager 2019, and the Master Chief Collection, starting with Halo Reach. The beta for Game Pass starts today.

Next she brought up Game Pass Ultimate. Console Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Live for 14.99 a month. And if you sign up today. it is ONE DOLLAR. And that will upgrade your membership for however much time you have left on your Live service. (Side note: Several new games were released on Game Pass today: Thimbleweed Park, Guacamelee 2, Shenmue 1 & 2, Bridge Constructor Portal, and much more.)

World premier trailer. Powered by Satellite data and Azure AI Microsoft Flight Simulator is back. This title was huge on PC and now it is getting a modern revamp and will be available on PC and console.

Not a surprising announcement but Age of Empires II Definitive, fully remastered in 4k with new quest lines. Fall.  PC

Wacky trailer up next. As Colorado and Colorado Springs are mentioned almost 130,000 times, I can only assume the state had a hand in the game. It’s a trailer for Wasteland 3. A series… I have yet to play.

Matt Booty, head of Xbox Games Studio. Talking about the studios Microsoft purchased. He introduces Tim Schafer the head of Double Fine Productions (Brutal Legend, Broken Age, PsychoNauts) Tim Schaefer introduces us to PsychoNauts 2.

World Premier: Star Wars. Lego The Skywalker Saga All nine films one game. It does not look like they are retreadeding the old games and that this is all new, but I could be mistaken.

Dragonball Project Z RPG.

World Premier. 12 Minutes. This game looks fantastically interesting. A man is caught in a time loop. Interesting premise. Hopefully find out more soon.

Way to the Woods. You play a deer with a younger deer and wander through subways and stuff. It looks cute.

Gears of War 5 trailer with the best eyebrow lift I have seen in gaming. The game arrives on September 10th, but you can play four days early by preordering or being a member of Game Pass. There is a stress test on July 17th for multiplayer. And if you preorder or play during the first week you will get a Terminator: Dark Fate character pack.

New Elite Controller Series 2. More elite-er and probably more expensive than I could afford, but it does look very bad ass.

Dying Light 2. Spring 2020

World Premier. Lego Speed Champions expansion for Forza Horizon 4. I just got “Everything is Awesome” out of my head… annnnnnd now it’s back.

Pop Funko and Gear have joined up for a mobile game. No, I’m serious.

State of Decay 2 Heartland. New expansion to the game available today to owners of the game or Game Pass subscribers. Appears to have some branching story paths.

World Premier. Japan’s biggest MMO coming to Xbox with cross play. Phantasy Star Online 2.

Crossfire X, a PC legend, according to Microsoft will be coming to Xbox in 2020.

World Premier. Tales of Arise trailer and 2020 release date.

Followed by a Borderlands 3 trailer.

World Premier. Miyazaki and Martin. Two names that have me curious as hell about this game. Elden Ring.

And finally, Phil Spencer is onstage to talk about the next console. It will be 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One X, with a focus on smaller loading times and will come with a Solid State Drive. It launches in Holiday of 2020 and it launches with Halo Infinite.

So that was Microsoft E3 2019, what did you all think? Anything you are jonesing for? For this writer I am looking forward to Outer Worlds, 12 Minutes, Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077. It is a good time to be a gamer.

Two New DLCs Released for Cultist Simulator, Follow-Up Game Book of Hours Announced

Developers of Cultist Simulator have just released two brand new DLCs for their award-winning title. Their names are “Priest” and “Ghoul”. Along with it, Weather Factory decided to release Anthology Edition of the game with all DLCs and soundtrack. Moreover, they have announced their new project called Book of Hours, in which players will dive into the interesting life of a keeper of an occult library.

Even Weirder Than Before!

Both DLCs unlock new legacies as well as new ascensions. In the Priest DLC, we will take on the role of a suburban preacher, who will try to guide his initiates through the Way. Of course, it is never as easy as it sounds in Cultist Simulator – because the Way is actually you. Ghoul DLC allows you to start as an artist with cannibalistic tendencies and will allow you to ascend to become a Winter Long (an immortal being of immense power). Both DLCs also add a new ascension that allows you to take power from the one, who comes from Nowhere. Who is this and what are those powers? This is up for the players to discover!

In addition, DLCs also introduce a number of new and interesting mechanics. Priest DLC will allow its players to rally their initiates and fill them with holy fervor. On the other hand, Ghoul DLC will allow you to consume corpses of living beings (including your battle-scarred followers) for power, and also paint things that could even come to life. Both DLCs are available for a small price of $2,99. New players can treat themselves with the Anthology Edition that costs $33.11 – exactly 15% less than buying each article separately.

A New Beginning

With the release of Ghoul and Priest DLCs, Weather Factory is concluding their development of Cultist Simulator. However, the developers are not going on a vacation – instead, they have already announced a new game called Book of Hours. In this new title, the players will immerse themselves in an interesting life of a keeper of an occult library. The game will take place in the same setting of Secret Histories, meaning that players will meet familiar faces from the previous title, as well as some new ones. However, the devs have stated that this game will be more relaxed, allowing for more experimentation and less “You Died” screens. The ticking of clocks and permanent suspension will be replaced with the rustling of book pages, soft crackling of the fireplace, and the sound of heavy rain hitting the roof and windows.

Currently, Book of Hours can be wishlisted on Steam and its release date is set for 2021. Developers have shared that they are going to set up a Kickstarter campaign for the game later this year. For now, we know that the game is going to inherit parts of Cultist Simulator’s interface and mechanics, though their applications will be different. Subscribe to Weather Factory’s mailing list to know all the latest news about Cultist Simulator and Book of Hours.

Speculation- Freakpocalypse: The Cyanide & Happiness adventure game is possibly being published by TinyBuild

Freakpocalypse is in development by ExplosmEntertainment, the creators of Cyanide and Happiness- a webcomic that started back in 2005 on the Explosm website. As of now, their Youtube channel has over 9 million subscribers. Rumored to be in the works with TinyBuild, the publisher behind games like Hello Neighbor, ClusterTruck, Guts And Glory, and Speedrunners. They also published Rapture Rejects, another game developed by ExplosmEntertainment. This is speculation, but TinyBuild publishing their new release is a safe bet.

Set in the unified Cyanide and Happiness universe, the game plans to take a new approach to point-and-click adventures- filled with comedy, weirdness and an apocalypse in the suburbs. Set in the quiet town of Netherville, things stir up a bit once mysterious toxic waste pollutes the air and water; the town is then inhabited by anarchist cannibals, radioactive cults, sentient objects, and a mutant army led by the formerly most popular kid in school. You play as the main protagonist Cooper Mccarthy, an outcast who strives to find friends, a future, and a backbone.

Shooting for a fall 2019 release, Freakpocalypse: The Cyanide & Happiness adventure game currently has made over $500,000 USD on Kickstarter. There are more than 14,000 backers supporting this project, one of which being Silver Soul Gaming, so keep an eye out for our name in the credits!

When Cats Form a Mafia – Nyakuza Metro Review

We all know our cats are all secretly part of an international mafia gang, but this DLC for A Hat in Time gives us an idea of what may happen if they showed their true colors, could talk, and could handle the complex logistics required to run a metro station with trains pulled by giant cats.

This review contains minor spoilers for the DLC.


There is little story to this DLC, but it mainly revolves around the mafia leader, known as “The Empress”. When Hat Girl first arrives in the metro, she finds a time piece, but it is quickly taken away by cats wearing doctor masks over their mouths. Then you get roped into finding the rest of the time pieces for The Empress, and she pays you for each one. That money goes towards your growing pile of money in your ship, and you can even make money angels in it.

The Empress loves shiny things, as all cats do

This is a free roam world like the Apline level, so you have to find each piece in the metro as you go. To do that, you have to buy metro passes for each color station- yellow, green, blue, pink. There are multiple ways in and out of each station, some requiring you to go through one station into another, so it’s easy to get lost if you’re not paying attention. To me, this whole level looks like something out of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with all the colors.

Yellow is the first station you visit

New Looks

So the story is just part of the DLC- the more important thing is how can we make Hat Girl cuter? Well with new colors and skins, we can do that in many ways. You can make yourself look like Moustache Girl with the “Justice” colors, turn yourself into wireframe, and even make yourself look like a full-fledged member of the Nyakuza! Personally I really like the Nyakuza look on her. You unlock the bat as a usable weapon, completing the badass little girl look. There is a new Brewing Hat skin that allows you to throw money at people instead of potions- I love it.

Hat Girl turns Nyakuza, complete with a bat

There are also badges that change how the world around you looks. There is one that turns everything into a classic Game Boy style look, and one that turns everything red-scale (I cannot use this, it hurts my eyes too much). I will never actually use these badges unless I’m doing like a challenge run or something.

There are also stickers you can collect in game. You can stick them to your weapon or on the ground using the emote system that was added in. Some are rarer than others, like a holographic one that I found of the egg seal.

Online Party

This DLC also introduces an online party mode. This mode allows up to 50 people to play at once in the metro, making for some unique interactions. I personally have not played this mode yet, but I will update the review when I get the chance to.

Score- 7/10

I love the way the level looks, the outfits and colors are adorable, and the level is smooth once you get used to it. Collecting the metro passes the first time is kind of a pain, and the game takes a lot longer to load for me now. I think this is due to the online capability of it, but I’m not sure, might just be my computer. I also would have liked a little more to the story, it seems a bit shallow to me.

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Shantae 5 Announced For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Apple Arcade & Will Release Later This Year!

Today, the Wayforward Twitter account revealed that a brand new Shantae game with the placeholder title, Shantae 5, will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Apple Arcade–later this year. According to the Wayforward Twitter account this game will be “a brand-new adventure” for the beloved genie.

Wayforward’s Twitter account was also courteous to post an image featuring a new render for the genie herself with her hair curling up into the number 5. We’ve used the image as the thumbnail, but you can look at their original image by clicking here.

Image courtesy of the Wayforward Twitter account.

Outside of the recent announcement of Shantae 5, no other information about the title’s plot, game-play, or other features have been publicly shared. I guesstimate that there will be some new mechanics added into Shantae 5, however, the charm from her previous games will remain.

Nonetheless, the Wayforward Twitter account promised fans to “stay tuned for more details.” Since the title’s supposed to be releasing later this year, I’m guessing we’ll be hearing information about Shantae 5 sooner than we think. We’ll be sure to update you all on more information when more news about Shantae 5 is publicly shared.

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My Time At Portia Comes To Consoles!

This Spring, one of the most enchanting casual RPGs out there is hitting a console near you. On April 16th, My Time At Portia is releasing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

It’s always nice when an indie game does well enough to be released on other systems. So far, no game (or company – shoutout to the wonderful folks at Pathea Games and Team17) could be more deserving.

A Quick Reminder

My Time At Portia is a more complex Stardew Valley with a better personality and breathing room. You can craft, build, mine, farm, loot, fight and even build relationships. Read more about the game in Vlastilon’s article from back in January of this year. Digital pre-orders are now open with an in-game reward of a “Housewarming Gift Set”. This includes the cutest greaser outfit I’ve ever seen, an awesome lion statue, a station clock, yummy rainbow jelly, delicious dried beef and 500 gols. It’s possibly one of the most adorable pre-order reward packages out there. Physical copies will also be available in select stores.

Get hyped for the game that won Player’s Choice Award on sites like Steam and IndieDB. Reserve your copy and clear out your spring schedule to get lost in Portia.

Written by Stephanie Skiles