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C&C and C&C: Red Alert will be remastered

Developers from now-defunct Westwood studio got together to remake their first games. Petroglyph Games are spearheading the remaster of Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. EA announced that after the reveal of their new mobile C&C game. As Audio Director Frank Klepacki said, they are “getting the band back together.” While specifics are […]

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Review of Burnout: Revenge – Take a look around at all the lights and sounds

Few gaming genres get my adrenaline pumping as much as arcade racers.  For the majority of my life, I’ve been throwing Koopa Shells in Mario Kart and evading cavalries of police officers in Need for Speed, but another racing series that I absolutely adore completing laps in is Burnout, a cult-classic arcade racing series that is known for its […]

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Warcraft III is going to get a remaster – called Warcraft III: Reforged

Today is a busy day at BlizzCon 2018. Not only new hero was announced for Overwatch, but also probably the biggest news for RTS-lovers like me. As you can guess, those news is that Warcraft III is getting a remastered edition. Blizzard promises to us that changes will not be purely cosmetic. Although game deserves to […]

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Stellaris: Console Edition to come out in Q1 2019

Paradox Interactive will release a console version of Stellaris at the beginning of the next year. Fredrik Wester, an Executive at Paradox Interactive, revealed in his Twitter that the game will come out in Q1 2019. Although we don’t know the exact date yet, it still provides us with a rough timetable. You can watch an […]

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Rimworld has been fully released

Rimworld, one of the most iconic sci-fi colony sims, is now at version 1.0. Rimworld, a sci-fi colony simulator inspired by an iconic Dwarf Fortress, is finally out of Early Access. During its development, the game has achieved an iconic status itself. It had sold for more than one million copies – quite an achievement […]

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BATTLETECH – Flashpoint release date has been announced

The newest expansion for BATTLETECH will arrive at us on November 27. The first big addon for the turn-based strategy set in the universe of Battletech promises quite a few changes. A new type of chained missions, called Flashpoints, promising big risks and big rewards and the overall increase in side quests. In addition to […]


Exciting Total War: Rome II News

Salve Generals! We here at Creative Assembly have heard the furious cry and outrage over the ‘slim’ possibility of receiving a *gasp* female General in our title, Total War: Rome II. We have listened to your calm and rational reviews and we are pleased and honored to let you, our intelligent and dedicated fans, be […]

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 will be delayed

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is going to be delayed to the next year. At least its developers promise more content on release. Focus Home interactive have announced that they will push games’ release to the next year. Developers decided that they will need more time to polish it and rescheduled its September release. However, that’s […]