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Kingdom Hearts 3 now has Critical Mode

In an announcement made by series director Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 now has a Critical Mode with the new update just released on April 23rd. This is essentially an ultra hard difficulty, and has been in previous Kingdom Hearts games before. Critical Mode always has a baseline that you deal less damage (as little […]

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Persona 5: The Royal Announced & More Information’s Coming On April 24th!

Yesterday, reported that “Atlus released a new teaser commercial for the previously teased ‘P5R‘” that ended up revealing the game’s true name, being, Persona 5: The Royal. According to, the game was announced at the end of the Persona 5 the Animation special episode broadcast titled, “Stars and Ours.” For those who weren’t […]

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The Persona 5 ‘PlayStation Hits’ Edition May Release In April 2019, According To!

Yesterday, reported that gave Persona 5’s ‘PlayStation Hits’ Edition an April 2019 release window and a $19.99 USD/CAD price-point. According to, the red “PlayStation Hits” labels are placed on certain PS4 games to make them more affordable to consumers. They state that the games are “priced at $19.99 US / $19.99 CAD for […]

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Dead Sea Almanac – March 19, 2019

Featured Item Today’s wonderous item is a fantastic appliance: it makes eggs do anything and everything you could ever dream! It’s a souffle-maker, a hard-boiler, a frier of two at once if you are agile! It even flings unfinished eggs at passers by with but a flick of the wrist and the press of a […]

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My Time At Portia Comes To Consoles!

This Spring, one of the most enchanting casual RPGs out there is hitting a console near you. On April 16th, My Time At Portia is releasing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! It’s always nice when an indie game does well enough to be released on other systems. So far, no game (or […]

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Dead Sea Almanac – March 18, 2019

Featured Item Today’s item is a most wonderous contraption: the authentic Dead Sea Tupperware that gave us our name. Still good after hundreds of years, this magical item is crafted with a special magic that will contain literally anything, from a fireball to a ravenous chupacabra; merely take the top off and place an item […]

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The Xbox One Version Of RPG Maker MV Has Been Cancelled!

Today, reported that publisher Kadokawa Games announced on their RPG Maker MV Japanese website that the Xbox One version of the game “has been cancelled due to ‘various circumstances.’” The letter doesn’t go into detail about what these ‘circumstances’ were, but from what I could translate on the website, the publisher apologized to Xbox One […]

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Original Diablo Available on GOG

Blizzard has released the old school classic Diablo on GOG for $10 US. Warcraft and Warcraft 2 are said to be coming to the games service later this year. Warcraft 3 is getting remastered, so the original version will probably not be showing up for sale.

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New Western MMO Coming to PC Next Month.

Yesterday a trailer was released for a new MMO, by developer Virtual Basement, called Outlaws of the Old West. The new game will be coming to Steam’s Early Access on March 12, 2019, with no date scheduled for a console release. Outlaws of the Old West will be a survival game centered around living life […]

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A New Pokemon Direct’s Happening Tomorrow!

Today, the Nintendo of America Twitter account announced that a new livestreamed Pokemon Direct will air tomorrow at 6:00 AM PST/9:00 AM EST. It will cover “roughly 7 minutes of new information” concerning the Pokemon franchise. The official Pokemon Twitter account also posted the announcement minutes later and left a questionable response to go along with the […]