Two New DLCs Released for Cultist Simulator, Follow-Up Game Book of Hours Announced

Developers of Cultist Simulator have just released two brand new DLCs for their award-winning title. Their names are “Priest” and “Ghoul”. Along with it, Weather Factory decided to release Anthology Edition of the game with all DLCs and soundtrack. Moreover, they have announced their new project called Book of Hours, in which players will dive into the interesting life of a keeper of an occult library.

Even Weirder Than Before!

Both DLCs unlock new legacies as well as new ascensions. In the Priest DLC, we will take on the role of a suburban preacher, who will try to guide his initiates through the Way. Of course, it is never as easy as it sounds in Cultist Simulator – because the Way is actually you. Ghoul DLC allows you to start as an artist with cannibalistic tendencies and will allow you to ascend to become a Winter Long (an immortal being of immense power). Both DLCs also add a new ascension that allows you to take power from the one, who comes from Nowhere. Who is this and what are those powers? This is up for the players to discover!

In addition, DLCs also introduce a number of new and interesting mechanics. Priest DLC will allow its players to rally their initiates and fill them with holy fervor. On the other hand, Ghoul DLC will allow you to consume corpses of living beings (including your battle-scarred followers) for power, and also paint things that could even come to life. Both DLCs are available for a small price of $2,99. New players can treat themselves with the Anthology Edition that costs $33.11 – exactly 15% less than buying each article separately.

A New Beginning

With the release of Ghoul and Priest DLCs, Weather Factory is concluding their development of Cultist Simulator. However, the developers are not going on a vacation – instead, they have already announced a new game called Book of Hours. In this new title, the players will immerse themselves in an interesting life of a keeper of an occult library. The game will take place in the same setting of Secret Histories, meaning that players will meet familiar faces from the previous title, as well as some new ones. However, the devs have stated that this game will be more relaxed, allowing for more experimentation and less “You Died” screens. The ticking of clocks and permanent suspension will be replaced with the rustling of book pages, soft crackling of the fireplace, and the sound of heavy rain hitting the roof and windows.

Currently, Book of Hours can be wishlisted on Steam and its release date is set for 2021. Developers have shared that they are going to set up a Kickstarter campaign for the game later this year. For now, we know that the game is going to inherit parts of Cultist Simulator’s interface and mechanics, though their applications will be different. Subscribe to Weather Factory’s mailing list to know all the latest news about Cultist Simulator and Book of Hours.


The Pokémon Company reveals new apps, services, and devices!

Dreaming of becoming a Pokémon master? This is your time!

The Pokémon company revealed a new mobile game, Pokémon Masters. The game will bring back favorite Pokémon trainers we have battled in the past and lets players battle them on mobile.

The gameplay trailer shows a 3v3 battle between enemy trainers and the player teaming up with Misty and Brock. Looking at the player characters Pikachu seems fairly similar to the original Pokémon games, having two current moves and two more empty ones to learn in the future. Also, in-between matches players can interact with some of their favorite characters.

What if you could continue training your Pokémon even in your sleep?

Pokémon Sleep will use the new device also announced called the Pokémon Go Plus Plus. This unusual new project hopes to turn sleep into entertainment. Coming sometime in 2020, Pokémon sleep will watch users’ sleep patterns and reward them for time spent sleeping, wanting players to look forward to waking up in the morning. Connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth, Pokémon Go Plus Plus sends information about how long you sleep to the Pokémon Sleep app.

Welcome home, Trainers.

Pokémon Home is a cloud service that will work with Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, allowing you to bring over the Pokémon that you’ve shared adventures with throughout your journey. While the Nintendo 3DS version, Pokémon Bank, lets players store Pokémon on 3DS, Pokémon Home will let players transfer Pokémon from other devices as well. The app will be usable through mobile devices and allows trainers to trade with each other locally and globally. Pokémon will be transferable from Pokémon GoPokémon BankLet’s Go, Pikachu!Let’s Go, Eevee!, and Pokémon Sword and Shield. Coming in early 2020!

GOG Removing All Telltale Games Titles from Catalog Today removed the remaining Telltale Games titles from its catalog as of today due to the studio’s closure late last year.

The online storefront warned customers of the impending delisting several days ago in a forum post. The site listed all the games left, but the notable ones include The Wolf Among Us, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the Batman series and Tales from the Borderlands. Searching any of these on GOG results in a No results found. Any games you already purchased digitally you will still have access to.

It’s another chapter in the sad story of Telltale’s abrupt closure. The last days of the studio produced particularly rough stories. It was particularly abrupt not just for fans, but the employees as well.

After weeks of rumors that Telltale found new funding, the studio heads called a company-wide meeting. They announced instead that the studio would close almost immediately and leave only a skeleton crew to finish a few projects. Not much later the skeleton crew was laid off and didn’t finish anything.

Hopefully, this isn’t a sign that Telltale’s catalog is going to disappear altogether. The games are still available on other online storefronts and console stores at least. If you’re worried about missing any of these titles, you might want to get them sooner rather than later.

GearBox Plans to reveal new Borderlands 3 content at E3

With a release date set for fall, it’s no surprise that GearBox would want to hype up their latest game as much as possible. Being at the arguably biggest gaming event of the year, the company plans to reveal new content for the game, including a new planet, new vault hunter, and more.

According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, Borderlands fans will have the chance to play Borderlands 3 at the 2K booth.

Being what these surprises may be is anyone’s guess. Though a new planet other than the Pandora we all know and love is pretty exciting in itself.

As of now, we have seen four of Borderlands 3’s new vault hunters. Being Amara the Siren, Zane the Operative, FL4K the Beast-master and Moze the Soldier. As to what class this new vault hunter will be is a mystery. Personally, my hope is to see a playable “WereSkag”, an enemy seen in the first Borderlands.

A new planet is quite exciting as well. So far Borderlands 3’s environments are already very well diverse, and presumably each planet with feature their own unique aesthetic.

What these hinted surprises are, is anyone’s guess at the moment. We just have to keep our eyes peeled at their E3 presentation.

When Cats Form a Mafia – Nyakuza Metro Review

We all know our cats are all secretly part of an international mafia gang, but this DLC for A Hat in Time gives us an idea of what may happen if they showed their true colors, could talk, and could handle the complex logistics required to run a metro station with trains pulled by giant cats.

This review contains minor spoilers for the DLC.


There is little story to this DLC, but it mainly revolves around the mafia leader, known as “The Empress”. When Hat Girl first arrives in the metro, she finds a time piece, but it is quickly taken away by cats wearing doctor masks over their mouths. Then you get roped into finding the rest of the time pieces for The Empress, and she pays you for each one. That money goes towards your growing pile of money in your ship, and you can even make money angels in it.

The Empress loves shiny things, as all cats do

This is a free roam world like the Apline level, so you have to find each piece in the metro as you go. To do that, you have to buy metro passes for each color station- yellow, green, blue, pink. There are multiple ways in and out of each station, some requiring you to go through one station into another, so it’s easy to get lost if you’re not paying attention. To me, this whole level looks like something out of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with all the colors.

Yellow is the first station you visit

New Looks

So the story is just part of the DLC- the more important thing is how can we make Hat Girl cuter? Well with new colors and skins, we can do that in many ways. You can make yourself look like Moustache Girl with the “Justice” colors, turn yourself into wireframe, and even make yourself look like a full-fledged member of the Nyakuza! Personally I really like the Nyakuza look on her. You unlock the bat as a usable weapon, completing the badass little girl look. There is a new Brewing Hat skin that allows you to throw money at people instead of potions- I love it.

Hat Girl turns Nyakuza, complete with a bat

There are also badges that change how the world around you looks. There is one that turns everything into a classic Game Boy style look, and one that turns everything red-scale (I cannot use this, it hurts my eyes too much). I will never actually use these badges unless I’m doing like a challenge run or something.

There are also stickers you can collect in game. You can stick them to your weapon or on the ground using the emote system that was added in. Some are rarer than others, like a holographic one that I found of the egg seal.

Online Party

This DLC also introduces an online party mode. This mode allows up to 50 people to play at once in the metro, making for some unique interactions. I personally have not played this mode yet, but I will update the review when I get the chance to.

Score- 7/10

I love the way the level looks, the outfits and colors are adorable, and the level is smooth once you get used to it. Collecting the metro passes the first time is kind of a pain, and the game takes a lot longer to load for me now. I think this is due to the online capability of it, but I’m not sure, might just be my computer. I also would have liked a little more to the story, it seems a bit shallow to me.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 (Final Mix) Vanitas Mod

Adding to a classic

Modding games has never really caught my eye before. It’s cool – there are lots of things and changes you can do and add into some of your favorite games. When I heard about a mod for Kingdom Hearts 2 (final mix version), which is probably my favorite game of all time, I just had to check it out.

In this mod, players take on the role of a brand new playable character, Vanitas – an antagonist in other titles. You can check him out in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3. With a brand new move set and abilities, players re-live the classic journey with a fun and very challenging twist: the mod is only playable in critical mode, the hardest difficulty in the game. Fighting familiar bosses and enemies has never felt so fresh. You also can gain new keyblades only seen in other Kingdom Hearts titles.

New challenges to overcome

On top of adding a brand new playable character and obtainable keyblades to the game, this mod also includes three new drive forms, a gameplay mechanic where the player builds up the “drive gauge” to activate new powers and abilities for a limited time. It also includes three new secret bosses. Fans of the series will know that if it’s a secret endgame boss then they are no laughing matter. You better believe me, these guys take the cake, being harder than the base game’s secret boss.

Multiple new “summons” are available to use in the form of customized enemies seen in the base game. To add to this huge mod players can change out Vanitas’ allies by equipping different equipment to the base game’s previous allies, turning them into different “unversed”- an enemy variant seen in other titles to the series.

Development information

Development for this mod began early 2018 and released March 30th, 2019. It was created by Xaddgx absol brasse, Soraikosan and many others. If you are interested and would like to learn more, check out Xaddgx absol brasse’s channel to watch the progression of making this mod.

Do old games hold up?- Borderlands 1

So my friend Rockstar and I have recently replayed Borderlands on stream. We are doing a playthrough of the whole series in chronological order to celebrate the release of Borderlands 3 on September 13th, but it recently got delayed.

One important thing to mention- we did not play the remastered version. We already owned the original Xbox 360 version, and it is backwards compatible on Xbox One.

As we were playing through, I noticed that some things that were happening in the game would probably turn off the modern gamer, but some things still hold true. I’m going to run through and list some of what I thought was worth mentioning here, and if you think of anything that I missed, leave a comment below the article. So without further ado, let’s get this started.


Overall, the story was still good. It isn’t the comedic genius that Borderlands 2 is, but it has its moments nonetheless. This game was originally meant to be a darker, more gritty game, but as it goes on it intersperses humor in more and more. Spoiler alert: the final boss fight is really anti-climactic, but they changed that with the remastered version to make it better.


The questing system is still, in my opinion, the worst thing about this game, excepting the final boss fight. There are so many side quests, and the reward system isn’t the greatest for these. You would take a side quest from someone, or a bounty board. You turn the quest in, it’s a gamble whether you get six more side quests or not. For the story missions, the rewards are decent, but you’re not guaranteed good guns from them. You have better luck finding them on boss drops and in the world at large. The side quests mainly give money and experience, which is useful, but after a while you want something more. Rockstar actually raged on stream about this, it was something. We then decided to not finish this run (we had beaten it before) and move onto Pre-Sequel.

There are a lot of side quests in this game, and it doesn’t seem to end…


The characters in this game are great. From Scooter, to Angel, to Claptrap, they have have distinct personalities and unique flair. Their dialogue isn’t as polished and engaging as in Borderlands 2, but it’s still good. The Vault Hunters you can play as are all fun too, so pick one and play how you wish.

Enemies are decently leveled, and it does give warning when you’re facing something at a higher level than you. However, something that goes throughout the Borderlands series is that fights are either too easy or too hard. There isn’t really an in-between.

These are the four base characters you can play as. All fantastic.


Millions of guns and items! Most of them are common white guns and items and don’t sell for a lot. There are a few that you will use, and some that you will out-level and wish you could keep, especially legendary weapons you find early on. This is the way that all of the Borderlands series games work. Quests give you items as rewards, but you’ll mostly just sell them. The best drops come from boss farming, and even then it’s a low chance of spawn, but that’s how you get the majority of the legendary guns and items in the game.

Look at all that loot! Most of it will be sold.


This game isn’t perfect, no game is no matter what reviews say. However, if you want to see where the looter-shooter genre began, or if you want to play through the beginnings of the Borderlands series, grab this game. The original edition is flawed, but it was 2009 when it came out, so it still gets a pass from me. I still enjoy this game, especially with friends, despite the ludicrous number of side quests.

If you’re looking to play but don’t want to deal with 2009 UI and stuff, get the remastered edition. It adds a lot of quality of life improvements from Borderlands 2 like updated merchants menus, a minimap, and a better boss fight at the end of the game so it’s not so anticlimactic, among other things.

This game does hold up for the modern gamer, as long as they can focus on the story and not get hung up on too many side quests. This is easier to do if you play with friends, which is how the series is designed to be played anyways. It’s a blast to play co-op, pick it up and give it a try with a friend.

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