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Nintendo Direct Recap

Today’s Nintendo Direct was chock full of announcements and new details about many upcoming games and had a few surprises as well. The switch version of Overwatch that’s been rumored for a few days was the first thing Nintendo showed and is releasing on October 15. The trailer also showed of motion controls for some […]

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A new hero arrives to Overwatch

A new hero, Ashe, along with her companion Bob, are joining the fight. Ashe is a leader of the Deadlock Gang. She was featured during the McCree animated short on BlizzCon 2018. She is going to be a damage character, with her rifle, dynamite, and other weapons. Moreover, she has various abilities aimed to deliver […]

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A New Overwatch Hero Was Revealed!

Rolling around in a metal ball, Blizzard’s Twitter account revealed that the new hero is a hamster. The Twitter account posted a trailer for the hero this morning. It appears they did some teasing leading up to the creature’s reveal too. You can check out the creature’s trailer by clicking here. According to Gameinformer, “The […]

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New Overwatch Game Rumored- But is it Too Soon?

Is it time for Overwatch 2? Since Blizzard Entertainment launched Overwatch in May 2016, their first IP since StarCraft, it has reached over 30 million players. That number is outstanding, even for the most popular MMOs like World of Warcraft and other non-subscription multiplayer FPS series such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Titanfall. The […]