You Can Pre-Order The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube Controller Now!

The Super Smash Bros. GameCube controller that made it’s debut during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct is now available to pre-order on GameStop’s and Amazon’s websites now–according to It’s listed at $29.99 USD for both websites, and there’s no telling when it’ll stay available.

So get it while it’s selling.

Credit to for the snapshot.

Acclaimed as the true-way to play Super Smash Bros. to some, consumers can use the product with their Nintendo Switch systems if they have a GameCube controller adapter. This adapter was sold during the Nintendo Wii U days and allowed players to plug the adapter into their Wii U console to enable your GameCube controller to work with the previous Super Smash Bros. game for that system. However, it seems Nintendo is selling a new version of the GameCube controller adapter for $19.99 USD on Amazon. It is only available to pre-order now.

But for those who want to use their current GameCube controller adapters, claims, “Those who have the Wii U controller adapter will be able to use that with Switch.”

Credit to for the photo.

If the GameCube controller is not your preferred way to play, then I’m certain Sakurai has enabled the game to work with other controllers. According to the Smash Bros. JP Twitter account, consumers can see a photo detailing how players can use the Nintendo Switch pro controller in the game.

There is no information about whether you can play with the Joy-Con grip or one Joy-Con in general, but we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Remember, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7th, 2018 and I’m certain more details about the game’s modes, techniques, newcomers, soundtracks, etc. will either be shared or hidden away from us until it releases. Whether Nintendo decides to spill all of the beans or not–is totally up to them. But for now, we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to make the next move.

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Breakdown of Fallout 76

I know I promised an article on Fallout 76 when I wrote that Bethesda conference article, and here it is, finally. “What took you so long?” I’ve been busy, and Preston Garvey keeps bothering me with more settlements… Onto the main story though, you’re here for Fallout 76. What do we know about it? What are the specifics? Let’s start at the beginning.


From what we were told at the conference, you start out in Vault 76, a vault built in 2076 to celebrate America’s tercentenary, or tricentennial anniversary. Vault 76 is a control vault, so instead of having an evil dictator for a leader, or having their citizens subjected to chemical testing, you live a normal life. You are trained in the skills you need to rebuild society after the bombs fall. The bombs fall, and in 2102 you emerge from the vault on Reclamation Day, but it looks like the vault is empty except for you, and a voice that is The Overseer.

Fallout-76 reclamation day.png
Reclamation Day is here!


Stepping out of the vault, Pip-Boy 2000 strapped to your arm, you see the sprawling landscape of West Virginia, and a whole new Wasteland awaits.

fallout 76 wasteland
View from the top, outside of Vault 76

New creatures based out of West Virginian legends, like The Mothman and the Beast of Grafton, come to life and evoke a whole new set of challenges than in previous games. Not only that, but you will be able to explore (most of) the map of the actual West Virginia, as it is four times bigger than the map for Fallout 4. There is a lot to explore in this one, personally I’m excited for it. You can see distant weather systems, giving you warnings of where not to go so you don’t get caught in a radiated rain storm. In the endgame the map can change too, but more on that later.


First things first- yes, it is an online game. Yes, you can play it solo, without interacting with other people. Towards the end game, this will probably become more and more difficult, but not impossible. This seems like it is going to be built like an MMO, and in my experience with MMOs, you can grind the whole game solo (minus dungeons and raids), it is just very difficult. I’ve done it on a few different ones and had a blast doing it, I enjoy the challenge.

Todd Howard said in the conference that “every character will be a real person”, that we will choose the heroes and villains. You can be attacked by other players in the game PvP-style. From the gameplay footage that they showed, it looks like you earn caps when you kill them, almost like a bounty system. You can go around and play the game like a renegade, killing and stealing to make your living as a “villain”. Or you can take on quests, explore, and make your living as a “hero”. You can also team up with up to three other people and take on more challenging quests, like killing a Legendary monster to get rare loot, or exploring challenging areas.

fallout 76 power armor.png
Look at all of that power armor

I want to team up with some of the people here in SSG, that would be a blast. I also want to play music in the game- yes, you read that right, you can play music in the game. As a musician, I like this.

Now, remember settlement building in Fallout 4? It was very unpolished in my opinion. Short of serving as a way to customize somewhere that you like to hoard all of your stuff (Red Rocket station was mine), and keeping the people that you saved with the Minutemen protected- “Another settlement needs your help!” Shush Garvey, I’m working! Sorry, he loves doing that. Anyways, I didn’t like the settlement building in Fallout 4 as I thought that it served no practical purpose for me in my exploration. Well, C.A.M.P. seeks to change that.

camp system
The C.A.M.P. system

C.A.M.P.s, or Construction and Assembly Mobile Platforms, allow you to build a settlement (almost) anywhere you want. Find a good vantage point across a heavy traffic area? Build there. Do you like the views across that valley? Build there. Want to protect your pet boulder? Build there too, why not. You can build anywhere, it’s just up to your imagination. Build a base that you will want to call home. Be careful though, you will get raided by creatures and maybe even other players, so make sure to protect your home with ordnance, and keeping a watchful eye.

Now for the fun part- endgame. There will be active missile silos hidden throughout West Virginia, thanks to the government secrets hidden there.

fallout 76 missile launch.jpg
It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No son, that’s a missile, duck and cover!

Now not anyone can just walk up to one and fire it off, you need the code. Here’s the catch: the code is broken up into pieces. Each piece has a pair of two characters and tells you which silo that it goes to. They’re all scattered randomly throughout the map, and you have to have the full code for that silo in order to launch the missiles. Once you get the pieces and put them into the control console, you can pick your target. Will you take revenge on that guy who killed you that one time and destroy his base? Or will you nuke an uninhabited area, creating a new wilderness for you and your friends to explore? The choice is yours, but wherever you launch that nuke, the area it hits will be changed, creating a new area with enhanced creatures to kill and new resources to collect. I’m up for the challenge, plus I’m not the kind of guy to destroy another player’s hard work on their base.

fallout 76 nuked area.jpg
The landscape is bathed in radiation, have fun and don’t die!


The old music we come to love from the Fallout series is back, with old favorites returning, and new ones coming in (Country Roads, yes). This is one of my favorite parts of the Fallout franchise because I love the older music. I hope with them bringing the game to a more rural part of the country that they bring in more folk music as well. I think Silver would agree with me on that one.

Collector’s Edition

Now we know Bethesda loves to go over the top with their Fallout collector’s editions, and this one is no exception. Unlike the Pip-Boy, you don’t have to have an iPhone to use it. Introducing, the Power Armor Edition.

It comes with a wearable T-51 Power Armor helmet, complete with headlamp and voice modulator, and its own carrying bag embroidered with the manufacturer of the helmet in a Vault-Tec style font and bordering.

fallout 76 helmet.jpg
You can wear it, yes please

It comes with a map, that glows in the dark. That map makes me want a table that has glass on the top so I can stick it under that, then draw on the glass with dry-erase markers as I play the game, day or night.

fallout 76 map.png
It glows in the dark, yes it does

It comes with 24 collectible figurines that you can use on the map. This will be useful when you wanna play strategist and plan out what steps you would take on certain scenarios, or even if you want to make a DnD-style campaign in the Fallout universe. That would be really fun actually, I should make some notes on that later.

fallout 76 figures.png
DnD miniatures anyone?

It comes with a steelbook case for the game (I really like steelbooks, they just look so nice). I’m excited for this game, and this collector’s edition. They are doing a B.E.T.A., Break-it Early Test Application, and if you pre-order any edition of the game, you get access.

My verdict on this game is as follows from what we have seen so far. If you like MMOs, you’ll like this game. If you like the Fallout universe, you’ll like this game, if only for the story and lore more than the gameplay. If you’re on the fence, give it a try before you buy it. I hope you look at it with an open mind and give it a try. As for me, I hope to see you in the game and that we can go on some adventures together.

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Nintendo Direct at E3 2018 recap

“An all digital conference, it won’t be any good. They’re doing the same thing Square Enix did.” Well Nintendo knows how to make great digital presentations, and this was no exception. Let’s recap what happened. I may have missed some things though, and a link to the full video is here.

Hey look, mechs that aren’t from Pacific Rim

Daemon X Machina is coming to the Switch in 2019. You can see the trailer here. I see giant mechs, I’m intrigued.

A new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC was teased, and it arrives September 2018.

Pokemon Let’s Go will have the ability to transfer Pokemon between the mobile and Switch versions, and there is a new accessory coming to the game, the Pokeball Plus.

pokeball plus.jpg
It’s a legit Pokeball

This will allow you to catch a Pokemon and take it with you. You also get Mew if you buy one, tempting. It will be available November 16th.

super mario party.jpg

Super Mario Party will allow you to play with up to 3 other people and you can connect two Switch consoles together on the go to play. I didn’t even know the Switch could do that, then again I don’t own a Switch (even though I really want one). This will release October 5th, and you can see the trailer here.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses got a trailer, and it’s coming out in Spring 2019.

Fortnite is being released on the Switch today at 10am PST, and it’s free.

Overcooked 2! is coming to the Switch, and it will feature local and online co-op, as well as kitchens that change on the fly, introducing unique challenges. Check out the trailer here.


Killer Queen Black is coming to the Switch, and will feature 2 teams of 4 players each that can battle on the same screen. Sounds like bullet hell, but fun.


Hollow Knight plus all previously released DLC will be available on the Nintendo eShop today. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend it.

octopath traveler.jpg

Octopath Traveler will be released on the Switch on July 13th, with a new playable demo in the eShop on June 14th. I know a lot of people are excited for this one, and it does look like an interesting game. Check out the character trailer here.

A slew of titles are coming to the Switch, and I couldn’t catch them all as they went by, but I did catch Arena of Valor in Fall 2018, and Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy,
as well as Wolfenstein 2 and ARK: Survival Evolved being ported over.

Now for the bulk of the show, what’s going on with Smash? Well they delivered, and here’s what happened.


  • All previous characters will join the fray
    • Characters will be unlocked more consistantly than in previous versions
    • Inkling from Splatoon will be joining for this version
    • Ridley from Metroid will also be joining as a playable character for the first time
  • Characters will have changable outfits, and some will have male and female versions like Pikachu and the Villager
  • Echo fighters like Dark Pit and Daisy will have similar fighting styles to their non-Echo characters, but will have different move sets to offer a unique play style
  • 8 player battles are back, finally!
  • Final Smashes are now faster to keep the transition smooth and the fighting continuous afterwards
  • You can now charge moves in midair
  • There are 50+ assist trophies, each with their own unique abilities, plus more Pokemon and items will be available to use
  • The battlefields are from across the series. They will all have graphics updates, as well as battlefield and Omega modes. This sounds like fun to me, presents a challenge, especially with the 8 player battles.
  • Damage increased on 1v1 battles, keeping the action going
  • We can use Gamecube controllers again!
  • Amiibo figures are compatable from any series, and the levels are kept in the figure.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate will release on the Switch on December 7th, 2018. I need to get a Switch, I love the Smash Bros series (even though I’m not that great at it). You can see the full Super Smash Bros: Ultimate presentation here, I know there is some stuff that I missed.

That’s all from the Nintendo digital conference. If you want to keep up to date on the latest in Nintendo news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to Nintendo’s YouTube channel for the presentation and trailers.


What makes a Rapture? The aftermath.

What happens when you’re not picked for the Rapture? Well no one really knows for sure, but someone thought of a situation that might happen. TinyBuild studios, creators of Hello Neighbor, SpeedRunners, and Graveyard Keeper, have teamed up with Explosm, creators of Cyanide and Happiness, to create Rapture Rejects, a game that explores that very question.


Announced today at E3 2018, Rapture Rejects is a top-down battle royale. I know what you’re thinking- “groans Not another battle royale game, we have so many of those, and nothing beats PUBG.” Hang on there, this one is a bit different. Allow me to explain.

Rapture Rejects is a “top-down isometric last man standing” game set in the apocalypic Cyanide and Happiness universe. Sounds fun already.


In this universe, when God leaves the worst of the human race behind, all hell breaks loose and everyone just tries to kill each other. Sounds like a battle royale alright, all of the senseless violence and wonton destruction your little sinner heart desires.

rapture rejects gameplay
Caught in the crossfire


Scavenge for weapons and kill every other person on Earth, hopefully impressing God enough to let you into heaven. So kill everyone, last man standing gets into heaven? Sounds like a plan, who will I party with when I win?

Rapture Rejects takes the battle royale genre, gets rid of the boring military stuff, and introduces a Worms-esque armory of insane weapons and over the top violent animation. Also Satan is there.” -Rob DenBleyker, co-creator of Cyanide and Happiness.

rapture rejects satan
Satan is here, he’s not lying

I know you wanna see some of this for yourself. Well, the trailer is here, and it really does look like a lot of fun. You can also see it on Steam, and check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates. You can also sign up to be part of the alpha testing happening in the summer at their website.

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Starlink For Nintendo Switch Will Include Fox McCloud As A Playable Character!

During their E3 press conference today, Ubisoft revealed more information about their toy-space game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas that’s set to release on October 16th, 2018. However, shocking news came when a new trailer appeared on screen featuring the leader of Star Fox, Fox McCloud. He will join the battle as an exclusive character for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

To watch the reveal trailer, click here.


According to Kotaku, “In the game, to be released October 16 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch, you build a modular spacecraft, attach it to your controller, then take it into in-game dogfights.”

Considering how Fox hasn’t received praise from fans because of the mixed reception of Star Fox Zero–putting him in as a guest character in this space series should give this frivolous fox another chance. I was shocked when the female character in the trailer checked her scanners and received vocal messages akin to the older Star Fox lingo. It made for a dramatic and epic entrance for Fox.


Since Nintendo Switch buyers will receive Fox as an exclusive character–it’s right for his iconic spacecraft to go along with him. The image above is called the Nintendo Switch Starter Pack–according to the Starlink website. The pack will include the following:

  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas
  • Joycon Mount
  • Arwing Starship
  • Mason Rana figure
  • Fox McCloud figure
  • Flamethrower Weapon
  • Frost Barrage Weapon
  • Digital Shredder Weapon
  • Digital Zenith Starship

According to the verge, Nintendo Switch consumers will “get access to Switch-exclusive “Star Wolf” missions” alongside having the opportunity to play as Fox in the game. At this point who wouldn’t want to get the Nintendo Switch version of the game?

If you desire more information about the game, Fox’s inclusion, and other Intel on the matter, feel free to click here to gain access to Ubisoft’s website for the game. Remember the games will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, but you will not have access to Fox as a playable character.

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Bethesda at E3 2018 recap

Well, to start, there was a lot of hype going into this conference, and while it started slow, it certainly lived up to the hype in the end. Many games were made official, and a few new ones were made official that we didn’t expect at all. So let’s get started shall we?

To start off with, RAGE 2 got its first gameplay experience trailer, after an awkward yet spirited performance by Andrew WK, which I personally enjoyed because there was a rock keyboard. Anyways, onto the trailer itself.

rage 2 logo

The game looks like Mad Max and Borderlands had a baby, and it is very graphically pleasing. The gameplay itself reminded me of Bulletstorm (the boomerang), and there was a lot of talking by the protagonist, like Bulletstorm. There was even a bit in the middle where a bandit watched a TV commercial, for the game itself. It looks good, but we’ll see with the final product whether it lives up to the hype. It is set to be released in Spring of 2019.

doom eternal logo

Next up, DOOM Eternal was teased, and not much was said about it, except that it will be “Hell on Earth”. More will be released at QuakeCon later this year.

prey logo

Prey recieved a bunch of new updates. Three new modes: New Game+ and Story Mode, both of which are available right now for free, and a paid DLC called Mooncrash. Mooncrash is said to be “infinitely replayable”, check out the trailer. There was also another separate competitive mode called “Typhon Hunter” where 5 humans go againse one mimic. All of this sounds interesting and fun, now I want to go buy the game…

A new game in the Wolfenstein series was announced- Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Set in the 80’s, it features BJ and Anya’s twin daughters! It can be played co-op or solo (but it’s probably a lot more fun co-op) and it’s coming out next year. It looks like it could be a lot of fun, and as a fan of the Wolfenstein series, I’m definitely down to play this one.

The Elder Scrolls series has some changes as well. Elder Scrolls: Legends (something that I keep meaning to pick up and play at some point) is getting a visual overhaul, and is coming out later this year on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new paid DLC, and this time it’s a dungeon. It’s called “Wolf Hunter”, and it’s a dungeon based around werewolves, sounds interesting. Something funny, Skyrim: Very Special Edition has a trailer here, and it’s great in all the right ways.

In Fallout news, Fallout Shelter is coming to the PS4 and Switch tonight.

But now the game that everyone has been waiting for: Fallout 76. Will it be a multiplayer, survival, battle royale amalgamation of everyone’s worst fears? Hold your horses, and come take the Country Roads with me.


Set in West Virginia, you are being let out of Vault 76 about 25 years after the bombs dropped. The Vault itself has an American theme, and it looks like an inticing start to the game. Bethesda is staying true to their commitment to make more single player games, but also branching out a bit into the multiplayer realm. You can play Fallout 76 solo like the other games, but you can also team up with friends to do quests, build bases (which are now portable and not tied down to specific locations), defeat giant sloth monsters, and many other things available to you in the game. There will be dedicated servers able to sustain the game “for years to come”, and you won’t have to share the server with hundreds of other people, only dozens. Death does not mean loss of progression, and the game is described by Todd as more of “softcore survival”. Also, the biggest surprise of all (at least for me), there are active nuclear silos that you can use on other players. It’s gonna be so much fun, and I personally can’t wait for this. Luckily, they’re doing a beta test for it, which you can register for at There is also the Power Armor Edition of the game, which includes a wearable helmet. Check out the gameplay trailer, and see the entire Fallout presentation here.

After this, Bethesda announced a few other things:

elder-scrolls-blades logo

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a new mobile game being developed for Apple and Android devices that is a “full Elder Scrolls experience”. It can be played in landscape and portrait mode, or as Todd called it “meeting mode”, and there is a town building mode where you can even visit your friend’s towns. It looks like it’s worth a try, especially since it’s free.


Starfield, long thought to be only a rumor, was given a really short teaser trailer. It looks to be a sci-fi game, and it’s being developed for “next-gen” consoles, so we probably won’t see it for a while, but it’s good to know that it’s more than just a rumor.

And to wrap up the night, The Elder Scrolls 6 was teased with some landscape shots and theme music, but everyone (myself included) still freaked out about it.

That’s all from the Bethesda conference. A link to the full conference is here, and a full in-depth article on what we know about Fallout 76 will be coming soon. If you want to keep up to date on Bethesda’s latest developments, follow Silver Soul Gaming on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to Gamespot’s YouTube channel for providing the RAGE 2 trailer, Bethesda conference, and Fallout videos, and to Bethesda’s YouTube channel for the DOOM Eternal trailer, Alexa commercial, and Mooncrash trailer.