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You Can Pre-Order The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube Controller Now!

The Super Smash Bros. GameCube controller that made it’s debut during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct is now available to pre-order on GameStop’s and Amazon’s websites now–according to It’s listed at $29.99 USD for both websites, and there’s no telling when it’ll stay available. So get it while it’s selling. Acclaimed as the true-way to play […]

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Breakdown of Fallout 76

I know I promised an article on Fallout 76 when I wrote that Bethesda conference article, and here it is, finally. “What took you so long?” I’ve been busy, and Preston Garvey keeps bothering me with more settlements… Onto the main story though, you’re here for Fallout 76. What do we know about it? What […]

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Nintendo Direct at E3 2018 recap

“An all digital conference, it won’t be any good. They’re doing the same thing Square Enix did.” Well Nintendo knows how to make great digital presentations, and this was no exception. Let’s recap what happened. I may have missed some things though, and a link to the full video is here. Daemon X Machina is […]

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What makes a Rapture? The aftermath.

What happens when you’re not picked for the Rapture? Well no one really knows for sure, but someone thought of a situation that might happen. TinyBuild studios, creators of Hello Neighbor, SpeedRunners, and Graveyard Keeper, have teamed up with Explosm, creators of Cyanide and Happiness, to create Rapture Rejects, a game that explores that very […]

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Starlink For Nintendo Switch Will Include Fox McCloud As A Playable Character!

During their E3 press conference today, Ubisoft revealed more information about their toy-space game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas that’s set to release on October 16th, 2018. However, shocking news came when a new trailer appeared on screen featuring the leader of Star Fox, Fox McCloud. He will join the battle as an exclusive character for the […]

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Bethesda at E3 2018 recap

Well, to start, there was a lot of hype going into this conference, and while it started slow, it certainly lived up to the hype in the end. Many games were made official, and a few new ones were made official that we didn’t expect at all. So let’s get started shall we? To start […]