Graveyard Keeper DLC Stranger Sins Releases

Graveyard Keeper’s brand new DLC, Stranger Sins, releases today adding several hours of content and a bar to run.

The game’s Steam page promises 4 to 8 more hours of game-play, the ability to run your own tavern, new quests and character from NPC’s, background story from 200 years ago and more. Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild’s game is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and the DLC is out on all platforms starting today.

Read our review of the original PC release here, and expect our review of the Stranger Sins DLC soon!

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid gets a long-awaited update and DLC

After a long wait Nway has updated their console fighting game Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid. This update is huge for fans, bringing in crossplay between Playstation 4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Furthermore the ability to search for specific players and invite friends to matches is exciting.

Three new downloadable characters were announced in the season one pass. Trey of Triforia and Jen Scotts, followed by Lord Zedd in a future update. players can purchase the season pass for $14.99 or buy the characters individually for $6.99.

Trey of Triforia: The original Gold Zeo Ranger, Trey was an alien from the planet Triforia who came to earth to help the Zeo Rangers battle the Machine Empire. There, he was attacked and split into three separate beings, forcing him to temporarily transfer his Gold Ranger powers to veteran ex-Ranger Jason Lee Scott.

Jen Scotts: Jen Scotts assumed the role of leader of the Time Force when her fiancé, the Red Time Force Ranger, was killed by an escaping criminal named Ransik.  Fearless, determined and compassionate, Jen and her team did everything they could to track down Ransik and bring him to justice.

Lord Zedd: (Coming Soon): The self-proclaimed “Emperor of Evil,” Lord Zedd has conquered and enslaved much of the galaxy. Initially leaving the “insignificant” Earth for Rita Repulsa to conquer, he returns to punish her for her failure and finish what she started.

Gameplay for Lord Zedd hasn’t yet been revealed however fans are excited to see what damage the mighty Lord Zedd can dish out.

Linda Hamilton To Voice Sarah Connors in Gears 5 Terminator DLC

Last night on The Gameinformer Show podcast, Coalition studio head Rod Ferguson offered a few more details on the Terminator DLC coming to Gears 5.

The DLC pack will be called the Terminator Dark Fate Pack and will at least feature skins for multiplayer. It features a T-800, with a light added to its chest to work for multiplayer, and Sarah Connors. Linda Hamilton from the film series will be voicing the character. She is returning to the role for the Dark Fate film as well.

Microsoft’s conference only provided a brief glimpse at the T-800 character and not much else. Hopefully, we learn even more before the game’s September 10, 2019 release. For more on Microsoft and the many other trailers debuted at their conference check here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 RE: Mind DLC new trailer and winter release date

At the Kingdom Hearts: World of Tres orchestra event in Los Angeles, Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed details about the Re: Mind DLC. After showing a trailer, he announced that fans can expect to purchase this DLC this winter for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The trailer opens with young master Xehanort speaking to the master of masters in the keyblade graveyard. Coming back from his world tour, Xehanort goes on to tell the master of masters that he has realized how “necessary” he is. Also shown in the trailer was sora wielding the OathKeeper keyblade with a new transformation to go with it.

The biggest reveal was that Roxas, Riku, and Aqua are now playable during the keyblade graveyard boss fights. However, it is unknown if this will be during the main story or in a data battle like feature seen in Kingdom Hearts 2.

The trailer comes to a close as Xigbar and Luxord have a cryptic conversation with hints of tie ins with Kingdom hearts Union X.

Grab Your Swim Gear- Sims 4 “Island Living” Announced

Announced at EA Play 2019, The Sims 4 is getting another expansion. Island Living is coming this summer, and other packs and cosmetics will be releasing over the course of summer and fall, so keep a lookout.

Island Living will bring the Sims to the new island of Sulani, allowing you do anything your Sim’s heart can desire beach-wise. Play with dolphins, clean up the ocean and save the environment, become a lifeguard, or even create a mer-person and swim around! Go on the beach vacation, or residence, of your dreams. This expansion is set to drop June 21 on PC and July 16 on consoles.

Also announced, the It Gets Better Project is collaborating to bring a series of LBGTQ+ items and cosmetics into the game. You can get Pride clothing and even a gender neutral restroom door with the pack. This is set to release June 18th on PC, Freeplay, and Mobile, and then in July for consoles.

The Moschino X collection is coming to bring items from the real life capsules collection with the clothing brand Moschino X, and a Realm of Magic pack are both coming later this year. Magic is always fun, wouldn’t you agree? I think the Sims would enjoy it.

So much Sims content coming in such a short time, which packs are you picking up? Leave us a comment! You can watch the conference here from the Sims YouTube channel, but skip to 27:30 for the beginning.

Borderlands 2 DLC that ties into Borderlands 3 leaked

A listing for Borderlands 2 DLC briefly appeared on Steam titled Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary.

Supposedly the FREE DLC sets the stage for Borderlands 3 and sees Sanctuary under attack as toxic gas poisons Pandora. Players will fight new bosses, explore new areas, and earn new loot, including a new rarity above legendary and pearlescent.

In addition this new DLC with increasing the existing level cap of 72 to 80. Also, players will be able to automatically boost new characters to level 30 to jump right into the action.

According to the leak, Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary will launch on June 9th. At the moment Borderlands 2 is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers and discounted on steam for players looking to jump in before the DLC releases.

Dead By Daylight: GhostFace and Nintendo Switch port release date.

In honor of their 3 year anniversary, Dead By Daylight has new DLC and is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon.

Ghostface from the horror franchise Scream is coming to Dead By Daylight next month. It will be launching on June 18th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The “Ghostface” pack will be a bundle of the new killer, three new perks, and two new items. The new items will be the monochrome mania body and silvery steel tactical knife weapon, clearly inspired by the Scream films.

Also announced, Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive confirmed that the Switch port of Dead by Daylight will be launching on September 24. When it hits Nintendo’s platform, the game will come with nine killers, ten survivors, and three cosmetic packs. Pre-orders should be going live on the eShop in the next few days.