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Hellpoint- Occult Overrules Natural Law

This is a spoiler free review. Hellpoint is a new game developed by Cradle Games and published by tinyBuild that releases today July 30th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Switch release is coming, but has been delayed for now. Check out the launch trailer, then on to the review. Setting Hellpoint is a game […]

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Graveyard Keeper DLC Stranger Sins Releases

Graveyard Keeper’s brand new DLC, Stranger Sins, releases today adding several hours of content and a bar to run. The game’s Steam page promises 4 to 8 more hours of game-play, the ability to run your own tavern, new quests and character from NPC’s, background story from 200 years ago and more. Lazy Bear Games […]

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Graveyard Keeper Digs Its Way To Switch, PS4 and Mobile

A new launch trailer for Graveyard Keeper announces the game’s release on Switch, PS4, and mobile. The tinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games game has been on PC and Xbox One for a while but arrives on the new platforms today. It looks to be a more macabre Stardew Valley for those looking to bury bodies […]

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Speculation- Freakpocalypse: The Cyanide & Happiness adventure game is possibly being published by TinyBuild

Freakpocalypse is in development by ExplosmEntertainment, the creators of Cyanide and Happiness- a webcomic that started back in 2005 on the Explosm website. As of now, their Youtube channel has over 9 million subscribers. Rumored to be in the works with TinyBuild, the publisher behind games like Hello Neighbor, ClusterTruck, Guts And Glory, and Speedrunners. […]

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Graveyard Keeper is coming to the Switch soon!

So yes, it’s official, and you can stop asking them. Announced for PAX East 2019, Graveyard Keeper, your morbid Stardew-esque obsession from tinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games, is coming onto the Nintendo Switch! Have you ever been out and about and get an itch to check on your graveyard? Well now you will be able […]

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Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is Out This Friday

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that was released in December of last year where the player sneaks into their neighbor’s house. A learning AI becomes increasingly difficult to play against as it adapts to the player’s actions. This Friday, almost exactly a year later, publisher tinyBuild will release a prequel. Find out more […]

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Party Hard 2: first impressions and feelings

Party Hard is now over 3 years old, so it comes as of no surprise that there will be a sequel soon. Especially given how good and popular that game is. Addictive, hard-to-master gameplay, distinctive art style, and a kick-ass soundtrack have ensured its success. As Party Hard 2 is coming out at October 25, […]

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Big news on tinyBuild- 5 new games coming your way!

Good news everyone! tinyBuild Games has announced 5 new games from PAX West today, some familiar, some new and exciting. Come take a look. Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek We all know Hello Neighbor, but if not, here’s a quick summary. It’s about a kid who is trying to get into the house of his […]

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Review: Things get medievally weird in tinyBuild’s Graveyard Keeper

From Russian developer Lazy Bear Games, creator of Punch Club, comes a fabulous new sim game in line with the likes of Stardew Valley, with an eerie twist. In Graveyard Keeper you play as, well, the Keeper. Suddenly thrown into a medieval village, aptly called The Village, with no idea how to get home, your […]

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What makes a Rapture? The aftermath.

What happens when you’re not picked for the Rapture? Well no one really knows for sure, but someone thought of a situation that might happen. TinyBuild studios, creators of Hello Neighbor, SpeedRunners, and Graveyard Keeper, have teamed up with Explosm, creators of Cyanide and Happiness, to create Rapture Rejects, a game that explores that very […]