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Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Out Now

A demo is now available on the PlayStation Store for Final Fantasy VII Remake here. If you’ve never played FFVII and want to give it a try and see what all the hype is about, or if you have and just want to see if the remake holds up to the original, this demo is […]

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New information on the upcoming mobile game ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’

Late January Square Enix announced a new mobile installment for the Kingdom Hearts series originally titled ‘Project Xehanort’, later being officially named ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’ after a guess the name contest held on their twitter. Today, Square Enix revealed that ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’ will not actually have it’s own app yet will be […]

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Review of Mischief Makers — Shake-shaking things up

If there was anything the Nintendo 64 was knee-deep in, it was platforming games. Not only was Super Mario 64 an absolute masterpiece in the genre, but there were a handful of second and third-party platform gems in the 64-bit console’s library. And no matter how obscure a game may be, you know it has […]

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Preston’s View on the Ups and Downs of Each E3 2019 Press Conference

Another Gaming Christmas (a.k.a. E3) has come and gone, and a hefty number of new games and expansions were shown off to the numerous attendees. Out of all the companies that showed up to the party, only seven of the biggest publishers hosted press conferences to announce their lineups. Now that the convention has concluded, […]

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Squaring Off — A Recap of Square Enix’s E3 2019 Press Conference

If you’re an adamant RPG fan, chances are you’ve been full of anticipation for Square Enix’s press conference at E3 2019.  Whether it was remasters, games based on licensed properties, or DLC, the Shinjuku-based publisher hit a lot of home runs at this year’s edition of North America’s biggest gaming trade show.  Ready for a […]

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Finally Announced

Square Enix has released a new trailer tonight for the Final Fantasy VII Remake which reveals the release date as well. Square released the trailer as part of their Final Fantasy concert and has a lot of new footage. Along with the footage, the trailer reveals the game will release March 3, 2020. Square Enix […]

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Kingdom Hearts 3 RE: Mind DLC new trailer and winter release date

At the Kingdom Hearts: World of Tres orchestra event in Los Angeles, Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed details about the Re: Mind DLC. After showing a trailer, he announced that fans can expect to purchase this DLC this winter for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The trailer opens with young master Xehanort speaking to […]

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Square Enix “Marvel’s Avengers” supposedly will have CO-OP and character customization.

Square Enix and Marvel’s Avengers game surprisingly had gameplay details leaked ahead of their E3 2019 event. According to E3 Coliseum listing found by Evan Filarca on Twitter, players will have customizable heroes and the game will have co-op gameplay. This is what we know about Marvel’s Avengers so far: This is the perfect Avengers experience. Epic […]

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Kingdom Hearts 3 now has Critical Mode

In an announcement made by series director Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 now has a Critical Mode with the new update just released on April 23rd. This is essentially an ultra hard difficulty, and has been in previous Kingdom Hearts games before. Critical Mode always has a baseline that you deal less damage (as little […]

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New Rumor Hints At Nintendo Reviving A Cancelled Game & Discusses Kingdom Hearts In Relation To The Nintendo Switch!

On February 13th, 2019, the Kinda Funny Games YouTube channel uploaded an episode of their ‘daily show’ video series and invited GameInformer senior editor Imran Khan “to discuss all the latest Activision news, Amy Henning’s vision for the future of gaming, and Nintendo Direct predictions.” However, as reported by, in the video, the discussion shifts briefly […]