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Dragon Age 4 Producer Leaves BioWare

Just a day after a producer on BioWare’s much-maligned Anthem left the studio, Fernando Melo, a senior producer working on Dragon Age 4 is leaving as well. Melo made the announcement on social media that he’s leaving the once renowned developer after 12 years. Both departures may signal problems for BioWare which just released the […]

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New Anthem Update Today and Dev Video Stream Tomorrow

Bioware updates Anthem, adding many requested features and will hold a livestream tomorrow in a bid to satiate fans.


Anthem Devs Assigned to Dragon Age

Anthem devs move on to Dragon Age and the majority of games media is all a flutter, but is this really disaster?

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Anthem Updates as Bioware Listens

While our readers await our full review of Anthem, the developers at Bioware have been listening to fan feedback and are moving quickly to update the game and fix issues that have arisen in this live service game. It has not been a full week yet since Anthem was officially launched into the world, and […]

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Anthem First Impressions

Anthem is the latest game developed by Bioware and published by EA games. It is an open world, always online shooter in the same veins as Destiny or The Division. If you have been to any site this week that deals with video games you have probably seen an inordinate amount of criticism and hate […]

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Anthem: First Thoughts from the Open Demo

“Games as service.” A sort of middle ground MMO for consoles and PC’s. There is usually no subscription fee but there are many shiny cosmetics you can buy with real money to enhance a game that has an ongoing story. Destiny has been the forerunner for this model for a few years now and they […]

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Anthem – Our World, My Story

In a new trailer Bioware has explained a few gameplay features of Anthem. Today, on PAX West 2018, Bioware has shown us a new trailer for Anthem. Anthem is an upcoming online shooter game with a shared world. In the trailer developers have explained that in Anthem players will have a “personal story” to explore. […]