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Microsoft Acquires ZeniMax

As we come closer to the launch of the Xbox Series X, the folks at Microsoft have done something both big and unexpected — They have successfully purchased ZeniMax Media, the holding company that owns Bethesda and id. This in turn means that popular franchises like Fallout and Doom will be exclusive to Windows and […]

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Preston’s View on the Ups and Downs of Each E3 2019 Press Conference

Another Gaming Christmas (a.k.a. E3) has come and gone, and a hefty number of new games and expansions were shown off to the numerous attendees. Out of all the companies that showed up to the party, only seven of the biggest publishers hosted press conferences to announce their lineups. Now that the convention has concluded, […]

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Bathe in the Fires of Radiation- Thoughts on Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter

Bethesda announced a while back that they were planning new content for Fallout 76 over the course of the year, and announced at E3 that they were putting a new mode in Fallout 76. Enter Nuclear Winter- a battle royale mode of the game to see who can become Overseer of Vault 51. Was this […]

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Bethesda’s E3 2019 Press Conference Recap

Bethesda’s E3 press conference may have been a day ago, but we’ve got you covered with a quick recap so you don’t miss anything. The Main Stuff The first game they went over was Fallout 76 and the upcoming content for the much maligned game. The newest DLC, called The Wastelanders, will feature the return […]

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Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield will not be at E3 2019, according to Bethesda

Despite announcing at E3 2018 that there would be a press conference at this year’s E3 about these games, they have now announced that they will not being doing that. Judging from what we saw that the conference last year, both of these games are still in early stages of development and will not be […]

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Mysterious trailer by Bethesda

On the US Amazon website, Bethesda looks like they are releasing a new game for the Xbox, Ps4, and PC with a release date for the 31st of December this year. There is a trailer with a count down that appears to have a design similar to the Fallout series. The set up for a […]

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Fallout 76 is getting new content throughout 2019

“Wait, isn’t this game dead?” No, my friend, it’s not. There are dedicated people who play this game, just like any other game. But you could also say “I’m not going to play this because of its disasterous release and all of the problems it has had.” That is your decision, but there are some […]

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Fallout 76 Review – Feel That Radioactive Love

Fall Just over a week ago, Bethesda released onto the world Fallout 76, their second delve into the MMORPG world, but instead of the showers of admiration and standing ovations, the fans booed and pelted rotten tomatoes into the face of their brave new venture. So does the game stand up or is the level […]

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Bethesda shows us its blades

Todd Howard, from Bethesda, stole the show at the Apple press conference yesterday, giving us a glimpse of how The Elder Scrolls: Blades will perform while running on the new iPhone models AND it looks gorgeous….for a mobile title, guess this will have to tide us over until we get news on The Elder Scrolls […]

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Fallout 76 will not have a cross-console play because Sony “is not as helpful as everyone would like”

Recently, German gaming site made an inquiry to the Bethesda about possibilities of cross-platform gameplay in their recently announced Fallout 76. And what they heard back was, if saddening, but ultimately unsurprising answer: there will be no crossplay in the game. Crossplay conflict Why not, would you ask? Well, thing is, our beloved Sony […]