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EA Sports College Football is returning

After a hiatus since 2013, EA Sports is finally returning to the college gridiron, as they have announced that the reboot of their now-titled College Football series will be on the current generation of consoles. Despite the lack of the NCAA license, such a game is still possible thanks to EA’s partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company. This reboot will not contain players that resemble real-life athletes, but it will still have over 100 licensed colleges to play as. This game is in early development and therefore will not be released alongside Madden NFL ‘22. This announcement from EA has caused sports-gamers everywhere to lose their minds with excitement, and hopefully this reboot delivers the goods.

By The Pop-Punk Game Reviewer

I'm a gamer, sports fan, and Silver Soul Gaming writer. I would love to have a career in making videogame videos on my YouTube channel.

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