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The Fox Den- Last Week in Gaming 1/8/21 recap

Hey everyone, Vlast here. Apologies for the lack of content over the past few months, it’s been kind of a rough patch for us here at SSG, as it has been for everyone over the course of 2020. However, in 2021, we are making an effort to bring more content to you, and it starts here. We’ve brought back The Fox Den, and Silver and I are back as the hosts, bringing you weekly news updates in the gaming world.

This is a recap of the topics we discussed on the show, and if you want to see what our opinions were on the subjects at hand, you can watch the episode here on our Twitch channel. Let’s begin, shall we?

Cyberpunk lawsuit

It was filed by Rozen Law Firm for securities reasons on behalf of U.S. investors. The class-action lawsuit was filed for 

  1. the state of the game at launch on PS4 and Xbox One consoles due to “an enormous number of bugs”, prompting its removal from the PlayStation Store
  2. CD Projekt Red (CDPR) would suffer reputational harm (which this isn’t helping)
  3. CDPR made false statements about the state of the game, and that while “true details entered the market, investors still suffered damages.”

CDPR is defending itself, and Rozen has not yet disclosed the amount of damages being sought as a result of the suit.

Cyberpunk HDR “fix”

The HDR in Cyberpunk 2077 is broken, but thankfully we sort of have a fix to make it look less washed out. Turn the Tone Mapping setting down to 1, not the default of 2, and it will make it so that the blacks aren’t as washed out in the bright details. Keep peak brightness at 500 or below to further enhance those dark details. The deep blacks aren’t rendering correctly, and we’ll have to wait for an official fix, but this should help a bit. I play on a Xbox One S and it did help.

PS5 moved 3.4 million units in one month

I said 3.5 million units in the episode, my mistake. Still, it’s an impressive number given the lack of supply caused by the pandemic.

Lenovo accidentally “announces” new Nvidia graphics cards variants

These were found on a listing for the Lenovo Legion R5 28IMB05 system, but it has been removed as of the time of this writing. These may not be accurate, but this is what was found.

  • 3050
    • 4GB GDDR6 RAM, 1 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 HDMI 2.1, 1 DVI
  • 3050 Ti
    • 6GB GDDR6 RAM, 3 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 HDMI 2.1
  • 3060
    • 12GB GDDR6 RAM (probably a mistake on the listing), 3 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 HDMI 2.1

That 12GB GDDR6 RAM is probably supposed to be 8GB as all of the other cards cap out at 8GB of that RAM.

Fall Guys x DOOM event

DOOM skins are being released in Fall Guys in a limited time event starting January 12th. A Hex-A-Gone only events will also be available during that time.

Original PogChamp has been removed from Twitch

If you’ve been on Twitch recently, you may have noticed a change to the PogChamp emote. The original was changed because the face of the emote, Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, made controversial comments after the attack on the U.S. Capitol building Tuesday evening. Our thoughts on this are in the episode, but we don’t go too deep into it because it’s not a politics podcast.

We also discuss some random things in between, but these are the main highlights from the show. Give us a follow on Twitch to keep up with our streams and to know when we go live! Thanks for reading, or watching, or both, and we’ll be back next week. Stay safe out there.


Gamers Nexus HW News for Cyberpunk lawsuit, Nvidia card leaks, and PS5 news

HDTVTest for the Cyberpunk HDR calibration fix

GameSpot for the Fall Guys event

Twitch’s Twitter post for the news on PogChamp

By Vlastilon

I'm a college student, a musician, and a streamer on Twitch. I also work for Silver Soul Gaming as site manager and host of The Fox Den.

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