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EA announces Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Earlier this year, EA gave their long-running Need for Speed franchise back to the folks at Criterion Games. And even though there won’t be an entirely new game pulling out of the garage this holiday season, we’re still getting a fantastic treat. Nearly 10 years after its original release, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is getting the remaster treatment with a little help from Stellar Entertainment. This port will be released on Nov. 6 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and the Switch version will be released a week after that.

Every car and event type from the original 2010 version will be included, and that includes all of the DLC packs. The Autolog networking system will be returning, and the online mode will receive an awesome upgrade in the form of cross-platform multiplayer.

This title in the Need for Speed franchise was lauded for its Burnout-like over-the-top racing, and it’s gonna feel great to get back into tearing up the streets that make up Seacrest County.

By The Pop-Punk Game Reviewer

I'm a gamer, sports fan, and Silver Soul Gaming writer. I would love to have a career in making videogame videos on my YouTube channel.

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