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Microsoft Acquires ZeniMax

As we come closer to the launch of the Xbox Series X, the folks at Microsoft have done something both big and unexpected — They have successfully purchased ZeniMax Media, the holding company that owns Bethesda and id. This in turn means that popular franchises like Fallout and Doom will be exclusive to Windows and Xbox from now on. This acquisition is a real shot in the arm for those who are looking to purchase a Series X, but also a devastating blow to those who are psyched to buy a PlayStation 5. Does Microsoft have any more gigantic acquisitions in them going into 2021? We won’t know for sure until they tell us.

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One reply on “Microsoft Acquires ZeniMax”

I’m PC based and considering Elder Scrolls games have always had their lifetimes extended due to mods which are primarily PC based the console Vs console doesn’t phase me too much.

What will be frustrating is if they go exclusive to the game pass. People keep saying it’s more affordable. It is most definitely not more affordable, most definitely from a third world perspective there is no way I can afford a pass for the 3 or so months I’d need to finish one game that would end up costing more than said game…


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