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Jet Set Radio spiritual successor in the works?

You read that right- Jet Set Radio, the SEGA classic game, may be getting a spiritual successor. Yes, it got a sequel with Jet Set Radio Future, but many think that this new game that was just teased on Twitter is the successor they were looking for for the original.

But what is this new game? Well check out the teaser.

They also have a Steam page up here. The release date is “Not this year, it’s unlucky.” The date is set as future.

There are speculations that the original composer for both JSR and JSRF Hideki Naganuma is doing the music in this game as well, and it sounds like his style for sure. The sound card recommended stat also says “Naganuma compatible” so that’s a great sign. If that’s the case, sign me up right now.

Prior to this teaser, the spiritual successor to JSRF (the sequel of JSR) was Hover, a game you can see here. This is a single and multiplayer game where you do parkour, join the Rebellion, and fight Anti-Leisure security forces while skating across a city. Naganuma also made the music for this game, which kept the JSRF feel as well. If you’re looking for something to scratch the itch until “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” comes out, try this one.

In short, this new teaser looks promising, and let’s hope that the final product delivers. I know I’ll be watching it for sure.

*Featured image is from the Steam page for the game.

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