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Yellow Wild-Force Ranger Taylor Earnhardt soars into Legacy wars

nWay has released a new Ranger for their Power Rangers based, mobile fighting game ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’. Being a big fan of Power Rangers this has me quite excited as ‘Wild-Force’ is one of my all-time favorite seasons.

Released as an ‘Epic’ rarity character, Taylor has an arsenal of low cost abilities that help her swiftly go on the offensive. The speed and range of her dedicated strike slot is enough to make opponents second guess every move. Although attacking is her specialty, she also has a disruptor that helps prevent her from getting overwhelmed.


Primary 1: Delta Strikes Type: Strike Cost: 4

Two rushing dagger slashes followed by a kick. If the second hit connects, the third hit is guaranteed. The first hit is effective from one dash away, making it great for chasing down an opponent.

Primary 2: Soaring Darts Type: Strike Cost: 3

Taylor hops backward and throws a set of darts that stun the opponent. While hopping backward, Taylor can pass through an opponent’s projectiles.

Special 1: Lofty Kick Type: Breaker Cost: 3

Two upward kicks that launch the opponent. It’s a little slow, but the low cost makes up for it.

Special 2: Exemption Nudge Type: Disruptor Cost: 3

A dagger lunge that can blow through enemy strikes. It can’t be used to start a combo, but has deceptive range.

Assist: Swooping Dagger Type: Breaker Cost: 6

Taylor flies in from the air and launches the opponent with her dagger. This assist has incredible range and speed, but has a high cost and low damage. Try to use this assist alongside a leader with a high damage 4 cost skill.

Taylor VS Zen-Aku

Visit the ‘Power Rangers Legacy Wars’ official website for more info including combo videos, advanced tips on how to use Taylor, to her full potential. Even tips on how to beat her, which will be very useful against the players that will be purchasing her this weekend, including myself.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a free to play, fighting game with a Rock-Paper-Scissors like mechanic. Players battle in real time PvP earning rewards as they climb the ‘Arena Leagues’ to unlock new characters and upgrade their fully customizable team of heroes and villains from the Power Rangers franchise. Available for IOS and Android

By Bailey West

A single dad with too many tattoos and a passion for writing, video games, and being the best possible father for my son.

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