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Review of ‘Love Live School Idol Festival All-Stars’ — Friends in Nico-Nico-need (Co-written by “Eevee” from Hyper Alterians)

It’s been a while since Preston has reviewed an anime game, but he’s back at it with help from a friend! #LoveLive

Before you read, please note: Blockquoted paragraphs contain the POV of “Eevee,” tweaked/proofread by yours truly.

If you’re a longtime fan of anime, you’ll most likely be aware of just how massively popular the Love Live franchise has become. Ever since its debut in 2010, Love Live has gained a huge following, to the point where cosplayers have formed real-life idol groups and danced to the anime’s spectacular musical score.  It’s a multimedia juggernaut, and that includes its own series of rhythm games.  Last month, Bushiroad brought the latest game in the series to app stores outside of Japan, this game being a crossover of both series that make up the Love Live franchise.  With that preamble out of the way, get yourself some rice and a pair of dance shoes as I and my special guest co-writer tell you everything there is to know about Love Live School Idol Festival All-Stars.

Sugar, spice, and lots of rice

The story begins with you and fellow Nijigasaki High School student Ayumu Uehara getting off the train that has stopped in front of the UTX building. During your R&R, the giant monitor shows idol groups Muse and Aquors having a join concert. After your first time seeing an idol showcase, you are completely and utterly moved to the point where you wish your school had an idol club. Determined to make use of your newfound love and turn your wish into reality, you begin your quest to find just the right girls for the club.

School Idol Festival All-Stars is essentially an RPG mixed with a rhythm game. Since this is a smartphone rhythm game, the controls feel like a series of quick-time events, which isn’t a bad thing. As the song progresses, you must tap your screen at just the right moments to nail the notes, the types of which include simple taps, holding your thumb on the screen for a certain amount of time, and making two notes connect (For the lack of a better term). Not only does successfully completing songs require quick fingers, but it also requires you to train the idols and build up their stamina. If they don’t have the energy, the performance will go haywire.

Hey now, you’re an idol

Not only are you in charge of your group, but you must manage your live show as well. You can have any girl from any idol group perform any song you unlock.

The engaging plot and tight controls need great audio and visuals to go with them, and this game delivers in spades. The characters have beautiful 3D animations during their performances, and the music is incredible as usual. I’ve always called Love Live music a mix of J-pop and pop-punk, the latter of which is my favorite genre.

Music start!

With all of the great features that Eevee and I have talked about, it’s clear that this game is tailor-made for all Love Live fans. Whether you’re a rhythm-game veteran or anime junkie, you should definitely make sure your phone has storage space for Love Live School Idol Festival All-Stars. Just don’t get addicted to this game to the point where you develop a bad habit of performing the Washi Washi.

By The Pop-Punk Game Reviewer

I'm a gamer, sports fan, and Silver Soul Gaming writer. I would love to have a career in making videogame videos on my YouTube channel.

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