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New information on the upcoming mobile game ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’

Late January Square Enix announced a new mobile installment for the Kingdom Hearts series originally titled ‘Project Xehanort’, later being officially named ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’ after a guess the name contest held on their twitter.

Young Xehanort and Eraqus in Scala ad Caelum.

Today, Square Enix revealed that ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’ will not actually have it’s own app yet will be launched through the already existing mobile game ‘Kingdom hearts Union X(Cross)’. However, ‘Kingdom Hearts dark Road will be it’s own standalone game so players who chose to only play Dark Road do not in fact have to even play Union X(cross). Combining the two games titles for the one app containing them both into ‘Kingdom Hearts U x Dark Road’.

Young Master Eraqus and Xehanort fighting Heartless.

‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is set to release worldwide Spring of 2020 for IOS and Android. Fans (including myself) are very excited to see young Xehanort shaped into the Seeker of darkness that we have seen throughout these fine past years with previous Kingdom Hearts titles, and to learn why he had chosen the path of world purging darkness.

By Bailey West

A single dad with too many tattoos and a passion for writing, video games, and being the best possible father for my son.

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