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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn update

As of this writing, Bungie has released a new puzzle for the community to solve, implemented a much needed hotfix, and has gone through a lot of discussions. Let’s catch up on the past few days.

The Corridors of Time

So what’s this now? Well for starters, it’s pretty neat and I love the design of it. When you first enter the mission, the Sundial takes you to a passageway that leads to a hexagonal room with five other passages. Each passage has a symbol on a pillar in front of it, leading to another room with more doors. This is the crux of the Corridors of Time. So far the community, with the help of r/raidsecrets, has found 19 separate paths through the corridors, but they all lead to the same conclusion. They lead to a grave.

Whose grave this is is under debate within the community right now. Some say it’s the Guardian’s grave. Personally, I think something is going to happen with the Vanguard because of the symbol on it.

The puzzle has evolved to be supremely large, like thousands of pieces, but it all boils down to those same symbols. Nobody knows what the true ending to this puzzle is, yet. We’ll know soon enough though.

When you get close to it, it will teleport you back to the beginning of the corridors. Each time you complete a path, you should gain a lore entry, 19 in total. Begin with a new path, and continue on until you earn all of them. Oh, and little secret, there’s an emblem you can earn here. Watch the reflections. Or you can use this for all of the paths, credit to @berserkbrandee on Twitter for the graphic.

What is at the end of this questline? I hope a new weapon of some sort, cause that would be awesome. If you want spoilers to see whose grave that is (thanks to datamining), and what the potential reward could be at the end of all this, see this article from Paul Tassi at Forbes.


Bungie put out some hotfixes to some very annoying problems yesterday. For starters Tess won’t bother me anymore because they disabled her notification in the Tower. Now only the Postmaster will bother me when I go to the Tower. I don’t need those Modulus Reports right now, but I’m too lazy to delete them one at a time.

They fixed Wish Ender, which was dealing up to 5 times its normal amount of damage thanks to its Broadhead perk. Bows are still good weapons, but sadly people will probably be using less of them now that this is fixed. Le Monarque is a great bow in my opinion because it deals poison damage, and it’s great for ad clearing if you have it.

The EDZ obelisk should allow you to interact with it now every time instead of randomly. You used to have to switch instances by fast traveling multiple times until you found one that worked, or by logging in and out of the game if you were on console. Somehow the interact component was despawning when loading into the instance. Weird, but that’s code for you- fix one bug, 100 more come up somewhere.

Something I didn’t know, there was another Telesto glitch which allowed you to get more Special ammo when using the Heavy Handed mod on your armor. Why is Telesto always involved with glitches?


To wrap up this update, I’ve been seeing a lot of “discussions” going on lately around Bungie’s content, and I just want to add my two cents.

I see people saying that the content that we get with the season is stale and uninteresting and that they’re not going to play the game, and that’s fine. You don’t have to blast Bungie because you think their content isn’t good, just don’t play the game, play something else.

You can’t expect content on the level of Shadowkeep or Forsaken every 3 months though. 3 months is not enough time to produce that kind of content, even a year isn’t really enough time to produce that kind of content without employee burnout. That kind of content has to go through design, planning, coding, and testing, then public release. Bungie is doing all of this in-house now; they don’t have Activision helping them anymore, so cut them some slack guys. They’re still doing their best, and I applaud them for that. I’ll keep playing with my friends and having a good time, while those who just want to complain about it can go find something else to do with your time. /end rant

Sorry, just had to say that. With that said, I’ll be exploring the Corridors of Time tonight on our Twitch channel at 8 pm EST, so come hang out and chat, I’d love the company.

By Vlastilon

I'm a college student, a musician, and a streamer on Twitch. I also work for Silver Soul Gaming as site manager and host of The Fox Den.

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