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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is here!

So, it’s been a little over two months since Shadowkeep released and the Season of the Undying started. How are things changing? Let’s dive in.

New Activity- The Sundial

Credit: Bungie

Osiris is causing trouble, again. Someone get a tracker on him. We built a Vex portal, we can use that tech to track Osiris in the Infinite Forest right? Anyways, the Sundial is the new 6 player activity that players can engage in, much like the Vex Offensive from the previous season. Not much is known outside of what we see from the trailer, but the Cabal are tampering with time in order to change the outcome of the Red War. Remember that? Good times, for looting anyways. Once I get some time with the new event, I’ll put an update out with my first impressions.

Saint-14 Returns

Okay, if you’re a Titan main (as I am), then you’re excited about this one. Saint-14, the “greatest Titan who ever lived”, is returning.

Back in the Curse of Osiris expansion, you could find out the fate of Saint-14 via Osiris’s Prophecy tablets, and obtain his shotgun Perfect Paradox. Now he’s back, and it looks like there are going to be a lot of Titans cosplaying as him too. You have to help him out in this season, but it remains to be seen what we have to do for him. I just hope we can get armor that looks like his somehow, cause it just looks awesome.

If you want a good lore briefing on Saint-14, check out this video from My Name is Byf. He is the “Lore Daddy” of Destiny, and all of his videos are top quality. Also, check out Bungie’s website, they posted six lore pieces (in the Media tab) leading up to the season release today.

New Exotics and Gear

The Artifact for this season is the Lantern of Osiris, which looks really cool. Hopefully it does some really cool things too. We get an exotic Scout Rifle- Symmetry. From the trailer it looks awesome, but we don’t know what it does, yet. Season pass holders instantly unlock it and a set of the new seasonal armor, but free pass holders can get it at rank 35 like Eriana’s Vow last season. Premium pass holders also get the headbutt finishing move (classically Titan), and an exotic Ghost shell, which we didn’t get last season.

What’s on the calendar?

Credit: Bungie

The Dawning is coming back next week, the annual winter event which usually involves a grind for special gear. Last year this led us into the Armor 2.0 with the event armor being the first set available, so I wonder what Bungie has in store for us this year.

It looks like the Sundial will have unique bosses, like the Blind Well. This will be interesting, but hopefully it’ll be a challenge.

We get two exotic quests this time instead of just one. Leviathan’s Breath is a great bow, and it’s great for dealing massive damage, as long as you can draw it fully. This was exclusive to Premium pass holders, and these are too. Let’s hope that they’re good.

Crimson Days PvP event is coming back as well. I never really participated in it, but I’m definitely going to this time. I know it’s a 2v2 team mode, where you have to eliminate the other duo while keeping yours alive, but that’s all. Now the real question is, will they bring back Sparrow Racing League? Please Bungie? That was seriously my favorite PvP mode.

That’s all the info I have on the new season right now, but I’ll post another article in about a week once I’ve done some of these events. The season runs until March 9th, so you’ve got time to get those season ranks for that cool gear. I’ll see you out there!

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