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Remedy Working on Technical Issues for Control

Control from Remedy Games released this past Tuesday to favorable reviews, but players should be aware of some technical issues that have surfaced.

Many are singing the praises of Control after having the week to play (our own review will be coming out soon) but a recent video is pointing out a frame rate issue on the console version.

Digital Foundry did a breakdown of what players are facing, and while PC has its issues, consoles are having the most trouble. Base PS4 and Xbox One have the worst of the frame rate issues but even PS4 Pro and Xbox One X aren’t immune to the slowdown. Click the link above or watch the video for a more in-depth explanation

That being said, Remedy did announce Friday they are working on it. The blog announcement, which you can read here, addresses several issues but also mentions “console optimization” in general improvements. The frame rate isn’t mentioned specifically but considering the frame rate is the biggest issue I’ve seen on console, I bet that’s part of it.

I personally haven’t finished the game yet (thus no review yet) but I will say I am enjoying the game so far, frame rate issues aside. It usually slows down during fights which is a shame considering how beautiful the game looks in motion. The physics engine is incredible and fights result in so much debris and damage to the environment sometimes it’s a miracle the room is still standing. But more on that in my review.

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