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Kingdom Hearts 3 RE: Mind DLC new trailer and winter release date

At the Kingdom Hearts: World of Tres orchestra event in Los Angeles, Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed details about the Re: Mind DLC. After showing a trailer, he announced that fans can expect to purchase this DLC this winter for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The trailer opens with young master Xehanort speaking to the master of masters in the keyblade graveyard. Coming back from his world tour, Xehanort goes on to tell the master of masters that he has realized how “necessary” he is. Also shown in the trailer was sora wielding the OathKeeper keyblade with a new transformation to go with it.

The biggest reveal was that Roxas, Riku, and Aqua are now playable during the keyblade graveyard boss fights. However, it is unknown if this will be during the main story or in a data battle like feature seen in Kingdom Hearts 2.

The trailer comes to a close as Xigbar and Luxord have a cryptic conversation with hints of tie ins with Kingdom hearts Union X.

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