DLC E3 2019 News The Sims 4

Grab Your Swim Gear- Sims 4 “Island Living” Announced

Announced at EA Play 2019, The Sims 4 is getting another expansion. Island Living is coming this summer, and other packs and cosmetics will be releasing over the course of summer and fall, so keep a lookout.

Island Living will bring the Sims to the new island of Sulani, allowing you do anything your Sim’s heart can desire beach-wise. Play with dolphins, clean up the ocean and save the environment, become a lifeguard, or even create a mer-person and swim around! Go on the beach vacation, or residence, of your dreams. This expansion is set to drop June 21 on PC and July 16 on consoles.

Also announced, the It Gets Better Project is collaborating to bring a series of LBGTQ+ items and cosmetics into the game. You can get Pride clothing and even a gender neutral restroom door with the pack. This is set to release June 18th on PC, Freeplay, and Mobile, and then in July for consoles.

The Moschino X collection is coming to bring items from the real life capsules collection with the clothing brand Moschino X, and a Realm of Magic pack are both coming later this year. Magic is always fun, wouldn’t you agree? I think the Sims would enjoy it.

So much Sims content coming in such a short time, which packs are you picking up? Leave us a comment! You can watch the conference here from the Sims YouTube channel, but skip to 27:30 for the beginning.

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