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Charge Into Battle! Double XP Weekend and Apex Legends Season 2 Details

Today at EA Play 2019, Apex Legends dropped some details on Season 2 of the game. You can watch the full video here. But before that, they detailed the Legendary Hunt event going on now in the game.

Legendary Hunt

The Legendary Hunt event is designed around the top 5 people who place in each match. If you place in the top 5, you are placed into a queue with others who are in the top 5 of their matches called the Apex Elite. By winning these special matches, you can get legendary skins for your guns exclusive to this mode.

There are challenges going on throughout the event to earn cosmetics. Those who own the Battle Pass and win a match in the top 5 will earn a full Battle Pass level once a day. One more thing, there is a double XP weekend going on now through June 9th, so get in the arena!

Season 2- Battle Charge

New Weapon and Skins

Releasing July 2nd, the second season brings back a fan favorite weapon, the L-Star! This weapon is a full auto EMG only available from care package drops. It is powerful enough to open doors, something only grenades could do before. There are also balance changes coming, so maybe the Mozambique will be more than a meme? There are four new legendary skins being released in the Season 2 Battle Pass, so get those levels in.

This was my favorite weapon in Titanfall 2, glad to see it return

Ranked Mode

They are adding in ranked matches into the game finally with Season 2. Now you can grind ranks from Bronze to Apex Predator- 6 ranks in all. You earn rewards at the end of the season based on your tier at the end.

New Legend- Wattson

Equipped to deal with loads of power

Respawn is releasing a new hero with each season of the game. Season 1 introduced Octane, now Season 2 is introducing Wattson. Wattson is a strictly support hero. Her tactical ability uses lasers to create fences. Allies can come through the fences, causing it to temporarily turn off, and keeps enemies out of the fenced areas. Wattson has 12 nodes to create fences in any configuration, so players are encouraged to use their imaginations. Her ultimate ability is a droid who charge your team’s shields, shoot down grenades, and supercharge Wattson’s tactical all while within range of the droid. In addition, Ultimate Accelerants charge to 100% with her, and maybe also for every hero, I didn’t catch it for them.

Respawn is also starting to add in more lore into the game. Wattson and her father built the arena that the matches are played in. The Syndicate was also mentioned in the short clip introducing Wattson, so hopefully we’ll be learning more about who they are and their role in the game as well.

For me, another support hero is welcomed because I’m a support player and it gives me more options. Maybe a hero as unique as Wattson will get more people to play support as well, who knows?

Here’s hoping Season 2 goes well for the game and that more balance changes come so more people won’t be so intimidated to get started. I do like this game more than most Battle Royale games because of its mechanics with the three man squad, plus the lore of the world from Titanfall makes it more familiar to me.

What are you looking forward to in Season 2? Leave us a comment!

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