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New Death Stranding Trailer Reveals Release Date

Hideo Kojima reveals new details about his game, announced in 2016, and sets a release date of November 8th while accepting pre-orders.

A new Death Stranding trailer today revealed that the game will release on November 8th, along with some story moments and gameplay.

Despite being announced in 2016, we’ve known little to nothing about Hideo Kojima‘s mysterious game until today. The trailer gives more info than the previous ones as well as the release date. It also revealed several more characters and the actors playing them.

While today’s trailer shows more of the story, it wasn’t exactly clear what the game was about. Thankfully Hideo Kojima tweeted a short message of what the game is about which sheds more light on the story and gameplay.

Set in America, the game tasks the player, as Sam, with connecting a fragmented society after disaster. Kojima hints at interacting with other players as well so there may be a multiplayer element.

For more info on the new characters and info check out Kojima Productions’ Twitter page along with Kojima’s. Also detailed are the various digital and collector editions with in-game and physical bonuses. Check out the details and preorder the game here.

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