GearBox Plans to reveal new Borderlands 3 content at E3

With a release date set for fall, it’s no surprise that GearBox would want to hype up their latest game as much as possible. Being at the arguably biggest gaming event of the year, the company plans to reveal new content for the game, including a new planet, new vault hunter, and more.

According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, Borderlands fans will have the chance to play Borderlands 3 at the 2K booth.

Being what these surprises may be is anyone’s guess. Though a new planet other than the Pandora we all know and love is pretty exciting in itself.

As of now, we have seen four of Borderlands 3’s new vault hunters. Being Amara the Siren, Zane the Operative, FL4K the Beast-master and Moze the Soldier. As to what class this new vault hunter will be is a mystery. Personally, my hope is to see a playable “WereSkag”, an enemy seen in the first Borderlands.

A new planet is quite exciting as well. So far Borderlands 3’s environments are already very well diverse, and presumably each planet with feature their own unique aesthetic.

What these hinted surprises are, is anyone’s guess at the moment. We just have to keep our eyes peeled at their E3 presentation.

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