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Speculation- Freakpocalypse: The Cyanide & Happiness adventure game is possibly being published by TinyBuild

Freakpocalypse is in development by ExplosmEntertainment, the creators of Cyanide and Happiness- a webcomic that started back in 2005 on the Explosm website. As of now, their Youtube channel has over 9 million subscribers. Rumored to be in the works with TinyBuild, the publisher behind games like Hello Neighbor, ClusterTruck, Guts And Glory, and Speedrunners. They also published Rapture Rejects, another game developed by ExplosmEntertainment. This is speculation, but TinyBuild publishing their new release is a safe bet.

Set in the unified Cyanide and Happiness universe, the game plans to take a new approach to point-and-click adventures- filled with comedy, weirdness and an apocalypse in the suburbs. Set in the quiet town of Netherville, things stir up a bit once mysterious toxic waste pollutes the air and water; the town is then inhabited by anarchist cannibals, radioactive cults, sentient objects, and a mutant army led by the formerly most popular kid in school. You play as the main protagonist Cooper Mccarthy, an outcast who strives to find friends, a future, and a backbone.

Shooting for a fall 2019 release, Freakpocalypse: The Cyanide & Happiness adventure game currently has made over $500,000 USD on Kickstarter. There are more than 14,000 backers supporting this project, one of which being Silver Soul Gaming, so keep an eye out for our name in the credits!

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