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When Cats Form a Mafia – Nyakuza Metro Review

Check out Vlastilon’s review of the latest DLC for A Hat in TIme!

We all know our cats are all secretly part of an international mafia gang, but this DLC for A Hat in Time gives us an idea of what may happen if they showed their true colors, could talk, and could handle the complex logistics required to run a metro station with trains pulled by giant cats.

This review contains minor spoilers for the DLC.


There is little story to this DLC, but it mainly revolves around the mafia leader, known as “The Empress”. When Hat Girl first arrives in the metro, she finds a time piece, but it is quickly taken away by cats wearing doctor masks over their mouths. Then you get roped into finding the rest of the time pieces for The Empress, and she pays you for each one. That money goes towards your growing pile of money in your ship, and you can even make money angels in it.

The Empress loves shiny things, as all cats do

This is a free roam world like the Apline level, so you have to find each piece in the metro as you go. To do that, you have to buy metro passes for each color station- yellow, green, blue, pink. There are multiple ways in and out of each station, some requiring you to go through one station into another, so it’s easy to get lost if you’re not paying attention. To me, this whole level looks like something out of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with all the colors.

Yellow is the first station you visit

New Looks

So the story is just part of the DLC- the more important thing is how can we make Hat Girl cuter? Well with new colors and skins, we can do that in many ways. You can make yourself look like Moustache Girl with the “Justice” colors, turn yourself into wireframe, and even make yourself look like a full-fledged member of the Nyakuza! Personally I really like the Nyakuza look on her. You unlock the bat as a usable weapon, completing the badass little girl look. There is a new Brewing Hat skin that allows you to throw money at people instead of potions- I love it.

Hat Girl turns Nyakuza, complete with a bat

There are also badges that change how the world around you looks. There is one that turns everything into a classic Game Boy style look, and one that turns everything red-scale (I cannot use this, it hurts my eyes too much). I will never actually use these badges unless I’m doing like a challenge run or something.

There are also stickers you can collect in game. You can stick them to your weapon or on the ground using the emote system that was added in. Some are rarer than others, like a holographic one that I found of the egg seal.

Online Party

This DLC also introduces an online party mode. This mode allows up to 50 people to play at once in the metro, making for some unique interactions. I personally have not played this mode yet, but I will update the review when I get the chance to.

Score- 7/10

I love the way the level looks, the outfits and colors are adorable, and the level is smooth once you get used to it. Collecting the metro passes the first time is kind of a pain, and the game takes a lot longer to load for me now. I think this is due to the online capability of it, but I’m not sure, might just be my computer. I also would have liked a little more to the story, it seems a bit shallow to me.

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