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New Mobile Gaming Device Announced with Crank

Firewatch publisher Panic has announced a new mobile gaming device called PlayDate.

The black and yellow device has a simple design and includes a crank on the side. Panic says not all games will use it but some will use it exclusively. The example on the website, Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, is also the only game shown so far. It seems to use the crank to move the story forward or backward depending on the direction of the crank.

Panic announced there will be twelve games in the first season, one a week. Season one seems to imply more games but the company didn’t go into details. Panic says of the games to come that “we’d like to keep them a secret until they appear on your PlayDate”. So Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure is all we get to see for now.

The PlayDate will release in early 2020 for $149 US dollars. Which is a price point the website describes perfectly as “not super cheap, but not super expensive”. But, as with all consoles, the real test will be the games. And we just have to wait and see if they can prove the PlayDate’s worth.

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