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Magic Item: Trident of Cresting

Get over Hump Day with our Trident of Cresting! Now available at the Dead Sea Trading Company in limited quantities!

It’s hump day, and to help you get over the crest of that wave, we introduce a new magic item in the Trading Company’s catalog: the Trident of Cresting. While held in the hand and properly attuned to, the Trident allows the wielder to skate across the surface of the waves, propelled by the water beneath them. The Trident makes it impossible to sink, even in heavy waves, but for each ten feet of the swell above fifteen, reduce a character’s speed by five feet (ocean swells average about fifteen to twenty feet in moderate wind but bad conditions can see the occasional fifty-foot wave, with even-rarer ship-sinking waves of a hundred feet or more typically reserved for bad storms and hurricanes). Additionally, the trident may be thrown with a range of 20/60, and is a +1 weapon that deals 1d8 piercing damage. When so thrown, the trident may be summoned back to the wielder as a bonus action, provided it is within 100 feet. The trident floats just beneath the surface of the water in a vertical orientation, provided the water is deep enough to submerge its full length and it is not within an anti-magic field.

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