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George RR Martin and FromSoftware’s new game is rumored to be at E3 2019

Rumor has it that George RR Martin and FromSoftware have teamed up, and might be making an appearance at E3.

Supposedly titled Great Rune

George RR Martin, the creator of Game Of Thrones, has supposedly teamed up with FromSoftware. This company is behind the Soulsborne collection of games, consisting of the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. However, the newest one will not be set in the Game Of Thrones universe. Great Rune should take place in a Norse setting, exploring the world and all of its mythology.

George RR Martin confirmed in his blog that he’s “consulting on a video game out of Japan”. But even before this confirmation, there were rumors of them working together earlier this year. Still, rumors won’t stay just that for too long: other sources say that the game will be revealed at E3 2019.

Some rumors about the nature of the game have been circulating around the web for a long time already. Apparently, you’ll be exploring the open-world on horseback, unlike in other FromSoftware games. You can expect the iconic company’s boss fights as you invade kingdoms and steal their rulers’ powers.

Let’s just hope that this game won’t delay Martin from finishing A Song of Ice and Fire. After all, the Game of Thrones finale left a lot for Martin to explain.

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