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Rainbow Six Siege Video Details Operation Phantom Sight

Ubisoft fully unveiled Season 2 for Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 4 at the Pro League Finals today.

The new season, titled Operation Phantom Sight, gave a detailed look at the new operators Nøkk and Warden. Both were previously teased by Ubisoft earlier in the week. The video details their gadgets and loadouts as well as the changes made to the existing map Kafe Dostoyevsky.

Nøkk, the attacker, can activate her gadget to go invisible to cameras and silence her footsteps. She can activate it as many times as she wants as long as the device has charge. The new defender, Warden, has glasses that when activated clear up the flash effect or prevent him from being flashed. He also can see through smoke, which works better when he isn’t moving.

The video also details some of the map changes to Kafe Dostoyevsky. They include a major change to the kitchen area, new balconies on the third floor and a new receptionist area on the first floor.

Also shown but not in the video, existing operator Glaz has had his gadget reworked to only function when he isn’t moving. The operator Lesion also will receive his own elite cosmetic set, which has its own video.

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